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Abutilon Seeds

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  1. Dill Seeds

    Dill Seeds

    Use the leave for soups, stews and sauces and the seeds for pickles, cheese spreads and salad dressing. An aid to indigestion. HA - Hardy annual. Height 60-90cm (2-3').

    Average Seeds 450
  2. Chives Seeds

    Chives Seeds

    The chive leaves have a mild onion flavour and are excellent for salads and spreads or for us with cheese or egg dishes. An aid to digestion. Perennial. Height 23cm (9").

    Average Seeds 300
  3. Rosemary Seeds Save 25%

    Rosemary Seeds

    Fragrant leaves used for flavouring soups, stews, fish or meat dishes and cooked vegetables. (Germination is very slow). A weak infusion is reputed to relieve headaches. HP - Hardy perennial. Height 120-150cm (4-5').

    Average Seeds 100
    £1.49 Was £1.99
  4. Sage Seeds

    Sage Seeds

    A favourite herb for seasoning and stuffings. Excellent with pork. May also help digestion and sore throats. Perennial. Height 45cm (18").Simon says: "I like to deep fry the sage leaves as it gives a great flavour and texture to…

    Average Seeds 60
  5. Thyme Seeds

    Thyme Seeds

    An aromatic herb used for seasoning cheese, egg, beef, veal and poultry dishes. Retains its flavour during cooking - ideal for stews and casseroles. In herbalism used as an antispetic. HP - Hardy perennial. Height 23-25cm (9-12")…

    Average Seeds 700
  6. Salsify Seeds

    Salsify Seeds

    Long roots with a delicate and distinctive flavour that has been likened to oysters or asparagus.

    Average Seeds 130
  7. Scorzonera Seeds

    Scorzonera Seeds

    Black-skinned roots with an unusual, delicate flavour. Easy to grow and well worth a try!

    Average Seeds 220
  8. Comfrey Seeds

    Comfrey Seeds

    Average Seeds 50
  9. Carrot Seeds - Samurai Seeds

    Carrot Seeds - Samurai Seeds

    A red-skinned Japanese carrot with sweet pink inner flesh which holds its colour well after cooking. Root length 25-28cm (10-11"). Row 6m (20').Unusual coloured type - Brighten up mealtimes and encourage kids to eat their…

    Average Seeds 540
  10. Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    …basket than some trailing types. Stems will trail to some 60cm (2'). When you plant up your hanging baskets with your old favourites, scatter a few seeds beneath the plants around the edge and they will grow up and…

    Average Seeds 25
  11. Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    The beautiful and iconic Field Poppy is much in demand at the moment - 100 years since the start of the 1st World War. This short-lived perennial will seed itself to provide displays from year to year. Height 30-60cm (12-24…

    Average Seeds 2800
  12. Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    …an ornamental if you grow them in your borders - the beautiful purple flowers can rival any sweet pea. But the real beauty of Blaushokker is the seed pods - they are dark purple in colour, so youll never miss a pod…

    Average Seeds 100
  13. Honeybee Mix Seeds

    Honeybee Mix Seeds

    …mix has been developed in conjunction with Gales Honey and beneficial for honeybees and other pollinators. Nectar and pollen-rich species. The seed can be sown around beehives to increase suitable bee forage. Also…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  14. Woodland Garden Mix Seeds

    Woodland Garden Mix Seeds

    The Woodland Garden Mix contains 30 native species of wildflower including familiar favourites such as bluebell and ramsons. Designed to include species that will thrive in woodland-type areas. A mix of perennial, biennial and…

    1000 seeds
  15. Fragrant Flowers Mix Seeds

    Fragrant Flowers Mix Seeds

    In this seed mix there are over 30 native species of wildflower of which many species are known for their fragrance. The aroma can often be released by crushing the leaves of plants whereas some flowers release fragrance in…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  16. Salvia patens Seeds

    Salvia patens Seeds

    "There is no other flower that can be grown from seed with a more 'true blue' colour to the blooms on erect stems. Flowering for an incredible 5 months if given full sun, this plant is a half hardy perennial, meaning it…

    20 Seeds
  17. Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    At last, a Bacopa from seed! This filler plant is the ideal foil for larger-flowered items, and a good hardy alternative to trailing lobelia, with a cascading/trailing growth habit and masses of mauvish-blue flowers all…

    20 Pellets
  18. Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Resistant to bolting (running to seed), of rich colour and quality and can be sown earlier than any other beetroot. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Globe variety. Maturing 12-16 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 1110 - Triple Pack
  19. Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Boltardy is a unique beetroot that's resistant to bolting (running to seed). It's got a rich colour, is of superb quality and can be sown earlier than any other beetroot. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Globe variety.…

    Average Seeds 370
  20. Mini Hamper with Seeds

    Mini Hamper with Seeds

    …from the protection of an invisible layer of rich barrier cream! Blended with essential oils of lemon, sweet orange and peppermint, with juicy blends of red tomatoes, red currants, fresh basil and mint on an earthy woody…

  21. Cat Grass Seeds

    Cat Grass Seeds

    Why cats love this tasty oat grass is not certain but love it they do! Be it for vitamins, fibre, to assist in fur ball elimination or whether its just a craving, they adore chewing on the young shoots. Easy to grow in a tray…

    Average Seeds 700
  22. Mesembryanthemum Seeds - Criniflorum

    Mesembryanthemum Seeds - Criniflorum

    A rainbow of spectacular colour in the sun. Unequalled for sheer brilliance of colour in dry and sunny positions! The little plants have swollen, succulent stems that absorb water to help them through dry periods and the flowers…

    Average Seeds 1650
  23. Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Tall, graceful plants with large, white, tubular flowers. Utter perfumed bliss on a summer evening around the patio. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 75cm (2'). HHA - Half-hardy annual. (Affinis - Sweet-scented Tobacco).

    Average Seeds 1700
  24. Myosotis Seeds - Compindi

    Myosotis Seeds - Compindi

    Our favourite myosotis, Compindi is several shades darker blue than normal types giving a much greater colour effect in the garden. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 15-20cm (6-8"). HB - Hardy biennial.

    Average Seeds 400
  25. Broad Beans Dreadnought Seeds

    Broad Beans Dreadnought Seeds

    The pods are of extraordinary size and length, packed with excellent quality white beans. Recommended for exhibition. Suitable for deep freezing.

    Average Seeds 65
  26. Cabbage Seeds -Tundra F1

    Cabbage Seeds -Tundra F1

    This impressive cabbage has superb resistance to really hard winter weather. The medium-large heads are formed from November to February and the internal structure is crisp and tasty. For cutting in winter - maturing time…

    Average Seeds 80
  27. Onion Seeds - Pompei

    Onion Seeds - Pompei

    A quick-growing round white onion which is equally delicious for salads or pickling.

    Average Seeds 300
  28. Rocket Seeds - Wild

    Rocket Seeds - Wild

    The original wild variety, ideal for salads or cooking, producing a good supply of strong-flavoured leaves in as little as six weeks from sowing.

    Average seeds 670
  29. Turnip Seeds - Armand

    Turnip Seeds - Armand

    A late maturing variety that peforms magnificently under cold conditions. The attractive purple-and-white globe-shaped roots can be harvested from November to March.

    Average Seeds 950
  30. Pumpkin Seeds - Mammoth

    Pumpkin Seeds - Mammoth

    An orange-skinned pumpkin with yellow flesh, which gardeners have grown to a weight of over 50kg. Recommended for exhibition.

    12 seeds
  31. Portulaca Seeds - Tapas

    Portulaca Seeds - Tapas

    Exotic-looking plants with succulent, light green leaves and large double and semi-double flowers in a range of intense colours. The creeping plants make superb ground cover. Height 15cm (6"). HHA - Half-hardy annual.

    Average Seeds 950
  32. Poppy Seeds - Ladybird

    Poppy Seeds - Ladybird

    A distinctive low-growing poppy with vibrant 'fire-engine' red flowers marked with a conspicuous black spot on each petal. Ideal as a rock garden or alpine plant as well as for borders. Height 40cm (16"). RHS Award of Garden Merit…

    Average Seeds 950
  33. Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    Unlike existing types,Mojave has a dwarf somewhat spreading habit and the flower production is such that the plants become covered in bloom. The bright red blooms contrast well with the dark green foliage. The rate of flower…

    Average Seeds 35
  34. Squash Seeds - Honeyboat

    Squash Seeds - Honeyboat

    Rob says: I first found this squash in the United states, California to be exact, and as far as I know, no-one else in the UK is selling this great old variety. This squash is easier to grow, and sweeter than a butternut squash.…

    6 seeds
  35. Cosmos Seeds - Capriola

    Cosmos Seeds - Capriola

    A stunning new colour in this popular species: white flowers up to 8cm (3) in diameter, with light red picotee and dark red centres. Ideal for borders or containers, it blooms all summer. Try it with blue ageratum or in cut flower…

    Average Seeds 65
  36. Cosmos Seeds - Xanthos

    Cosmos Seeds - Xanthos

    A unique new colour soft yellow flowers on compact, bushy plants. It comes into bloom early and lasts all summer, is ideal for borders or containers, and makes a lovely cut flower too. A well deserved Fleuroselect Gold Medal…

    Average Seeds 65
  37. Cosmos Seeds - Apollo

    Cosmos Seeds - Apollo

    Apollo is a new, compact bushy plant. Producing delicate, feathery foliage which looks lovely and will fill out any display. This is followed by a profusion of 10cm (4) enchantingly, ice white flowers with a golden centre, …

    Average Seeds 25
  38. Tiger Nuts Seeds

    Tiger Nuts Seeds

    The perfect nutritional punch of traditional nuts without the nut! An easy to grow grass that produces masses of intently sweet tubers (not actual nuts). Bigger than peanuts, tasting like almonds and coconut, tiger nuts are a…

    20 Seeds
  39. Lavatera trimestris (Organic) Seeds

    Lavatera trimestris (Organic) Seeds

    An economical way to quickly and effectively fill a large border with a dazzling display of glistening colour. Tall, wide, sturdy plants bear large, showy blooms in shades of rose, pink and white throughout the summer. The large…

    Average Packet Content 100 seeds
  40. Butterfly Mix Seeds

    Butterfly Mix Seeds

    Our Native British Wildflowers range has been developed from research conducted by Butterfly Conservation, BBKA, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.This butterfly mix contains over 30 native species of wildflower and includes many nectar…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  41. Pretty Perennials Mix Seeds

    Pretty Perennials Mix Seeds

    Our Native British Wildflowers range has been developed from research conducted by Butterfly Conservation, BBKA, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.An excellent general purpose mixture containing over 25 native species of wildflower of…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  42. Chilli Seeds - Slowburn

    Chilli Seeds - Slowburn

    The heat on this variety is not immediately apparent but builds slowly and stops before it gets too hot, hence the name 'Slowburn'.Heavy crops of attractive orange chillies of 55-60K SHU heat rating! Deep, rich flavour can be…

    Average seed content 15
  43. Mint Seeds - Corsican

    Mint Seeds - Corsican

    Creates a small, aromatic carpet in the garden. Great to grow between paving stones as makes an attractive ground cover. Has a strong minty fragrance, especially when walked on! Ideal to grow in pots where it will creep down the…

    20 (multi-seed pellets)
  44. Squash Seeds - Fungo

    Squash Seeds - Fungo

    An attractive variety with a distinctive 'Turban' shape. Bred for improved flavour compared to regular varieties.A popular choice for ornamental autumn displays with excellent flavour for roasting, baking and soups and stews.

    12 seeds
  45. Cucumber Seeds - Dar

    Cucumber Seeds - Dar

    If you only have space for one cucumber, why not grow one that does it all? Dar is a great little striped cucumber that's perfect to slice into salads and sandwiches or to use as a pickling cucumber. The plants can be grown almost…

    Average seed content 25
  46. Limnanthes Seeds - Douglasii

    Limnanthes Seeds - Douglasii

    Great for kids or grown-ups alike. These colourful little yellow flowers with white tips to the petals resemble poached eggs hence the name! Flowers in just 7 weeks from sowing. You cannot get easier to grow than this little…

    Average Seeds 110
  47. Nemesia Seeds - Carnival

    Nemesia Seeds - Carnival

    Extra large flowers of bronze, scarlet, crimson, cerise, rose-pink, orange, primrose and white. Height 23-30cm (9-12"). HHA - Half-hardy annual. You will get vibrant colours from these popular bedding plants in sun or semi-shaded…

    Average Seeds 850
  48. Cabbage Seeds - Greyhound

    Cabbage Seeds - Greyhound

    Average Seeds 1350 - Triple Pack
  49. Coriander Seeds - Confetti

    Coriander Seeds - Confetti

    An improved tasty, slow to bolt herb which can be grown as a cut-&-come-again leaf salad or a mature plant. Sow monthly for a continuous supply; crop into the winter with cloche protection. HA - Hardy annual.Simon says: "Not…

    Average Seeds 150
  50. Carrot Seeds - Oxheart

    Carrot Seeds - Oxheart

    An old french variety sometimes known as Guerande and originally grown in the neighbourhood of Nantes. A snub nosed variety, which will grow well in containers or shallow soil. The roots can be 10-13cm (4-5) wide at the shoulder,…

    Average Seeds 200
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