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  1. Celeriac Seeds - Brilliant

    Celeriac Seeds - Brilliant

    Smooth roots with beautiful white flesh which does not discolour. Also known as Turnip Rooted Celery, it will add a delicious tangy taste to soups and stews. Maturing time approximately 30 weeks from sowing.Toby's tip: "The secret…

    Average Seeds 600
  2. Carrot Seeds - Ideal Red

    Carrot Seeds - Ideal Red

    A super fast-maturing type, ideal for gardening beginners. The rich orange roots are uniform in colour and have a delicious flavour. Row 9m (30').

    Average Seeds 850
  3. Parsnip Seeds - Panorama F1

    Parsnip Seeds - Panorama F1

    Parsnip variety with extremely white, heavy, uniform roots and a strong resistance to canker. A vigorous F1 variety which is fantastic for the kitchen or the show bench. Harvest October-March. Height 50-60cm (20-24"); spread 30…

    Average Seeds 200
  4. Kale Seeds - Redbor F1

    Kale Seeds - Redbor F1

    …leaves, good winter hardiness and excellent tolerance to pests and diseases, Redbor will make a delicious, nutritious and beautiful addition to your vegetable or flower garden. A superb source of tasty and highly…

    Average Seeds 55
  5. Pumpkin Seeds - Orbit F1

    Pumpkin Seeds - Orbit F1

    A semi-buish variety better suited to small spaces, so ideal for modern gardens. The bright orange, quick maturing, fruit are delicious to eat, and perfect for Halloween. Fruits weigh 6-8 lbs and store well in a dry environment at…

    10 Seeds
  6. Lettuce Seeds - All-The-Year-Round

    Lettuce Seeds - All-The-Year-Round

    …variety. Maturing time approximately 10-14 weeks from sowing. Develops large well-folded heads and succulent creamy-yellow hearts.Rob says: Lettuce All the Year Round - Reliable, tasty and great to sow every few…

    Average Seeds 1300
  7. Celery Seeds - Golden Spartan

    Celery Seeds - Golden Spartan

    A very productive, pale-green-stemmed, self-blanching celery with good bolting tolerance. Produces very long, smooth thick ribs with excellent taste and texture. Self-blanching type - maturing time approximately 18 weeks from…

    Average seeds 1000
  8. Asparagus Seeds - Ariane F1

    Asparagus Seeds - Ariane F1

    This first-class asparagus produces tall, slender, high quality spears with tight green buds. Particularly delicious steamed, stir-fried or sauted and topped with butter.

    10 seeds
  9. Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Mixed

    Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Mixed

    …trials and may vary).Simon says: "Rainbow carrots are one of our staple menu items and we are growing these year-round. The vibrant colours and great presentation is key to the restaurant's evolving style. We use all Average Seeds 500

  10. Parsley Seeds - Eagle

    Parsley Seeds - Eagle

    2 in 1! Parsley leaves on top and delicious parsnip-like roots! A Berliner-type, rooted parsley with leaves that can be used in the normal way, plus delicious roots which taste like parsnips with a hint of celery! They hold well…

    Average Seeds 1000
  11. Beetroot Seeds - Chioggia Pink

    Beetroot Seeds - Chioggia Pink

    We now have further seed supplies of this popular Italian beet, so are pleased to re-introduce this unique variety. Round in shape and with a light red outer skin, the main feature of this variety is its unique internal…

    Average Seeds 300
  12. Parsley Seeds - Gigante D'Italia

    Parsley Seeds - Gigante D'Italia

    A high yielding parsley producing flat, dark green leaves of excellent flavour. Ideal for use in salads or cooking.

    Average Seeds 800
  13. Tomato Seeds - Tumbler F1

    Tomato Seeds - Tumbler F1

    This vigorous, trailing British-bred tomato is ideal for hanging baskets and containers on the patio, producing up to 4kg (9 lb) of delicious fruit in a single season! Grow one plant per 35cm (14") hanging basket. Prefect for…

    8 Seeds
  14. Tomato Seeds - Fantasio F1

    Tomato Seeds - Fantasio F1

    Tomato Blight a problem? Bred by our own group, we have found good tolerance to Tomato Blight over several years. A superbly flavoured tomato, bearing a prolific crop of medium/large fruit, each up to 200g (lb) in weight. (Cordon…

    Average Seeds 20
  15. Tomato Seeds - Giulietta F1

    Tomato Seeds - Giulietta F1

    Bred by our own group this large fruited Italian plum variety performed superbly on last years trials. The fruits set well, even under cool conditions and are juicy and delicious. High yields and a good range of disease…

    8 Seeds
  16. Squash (Organic) Seeds - Butternut

    Squash (Organic) Seeds - Butternut

    Creamy flesh (similar to that of the avocado), with a strong, pleasant taste, ideal for making soup: simply puree the cooked flesh in a mixer and add tomato sauce, butter and salt. Stores well.

    Packet Content 10 seeds
  17. Leaf Beet Seeds - Silver Chard

    Leaf Beet Seeds - Silver Chard

    An easily grown, nutritious vegetable providing a continuous supply of 'greens' throughout the summer/autumn. Recommended for deep freezing.

    Average Seeds 250
  18. Cauliflower Seeds - All The Year Round

    Cauliflower Seeds - All The Year Round

    An old favourite for sowing in all seasons under glass or outdoors. For summer/autumn use - maturing time approximately 20-26 weeks from sowing. Recommended for deep freezing.

    Average Seeds 600 - Triple Pack
  19. Salsify Seeds

    Salsify Seeds

    Long roots with a delicate and distinctive flavour that has been likened to oysters or asparagus.

    Average Seeds 130
  20. Alfalfa seeds

    Alfalfa seeds

    Crisp, sweet flavoured seedlings, reminiscent of fresh green peas. Eat raw in salads, in sandwiches, or stir-fries. 15g (0.53oz) of seed yields about 170g (6oz) of salad. Harvest when sprouts are about 2.5cm (1") long. …

    Average Seeds 45000
  21. Thyme Seeds

    Thyme Seeds

    …dishes. Retains its flavour during cooking - ideal for stews and casseroles. In herbalism used as an antispetic. HP - Hardy perennial. Height 23-25cm (9-12").Simon says: "The kitchen herb garden essential! We use thyme as…

    Average Seeds 700
  22. Scorzonera Seeds

    Scorzonera Seeds

    Black-skinned roots with an unusual, delicate flavour. Easy to grow and well worth a try!

    Average Seeds 220
  23. Dill Seeds

    Dill Seeds

    Use the leave for soups, stews and sauces and the seeds for pickles, cheese spreads and salad dressing. An aid to indigestion. HA - Hardy annual. Height 60-90cm (2-3').

    Average Seeds 450
  24. Coriander Seeds

    Coriander Seeds

    The seeds have a pleasant taste and are used in pickles, sauces, confectionery, poultry stuffing and apple pie. In herbalism used to settle stomach ailments. Hardy annual. Height 60-75cm (2-2').

    Average Seeds 70
  25. Rosemary Seeds Save 25%

    Rosemary Seeds

    Fragrant leaves used for flavouring soups, stews, fish or meat dishes and cooked vegetables. (Germination is very slow). A weak infusion is reputed to relieve headaches. HP - Hardy perennial. Height 120-150cm (4-5').

    Average Seeds 100
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  26. Carrot Seeds - Samurai Seeds

    Carrot Seeds - Samurai Seeds

    A red-skinned Japanese carrot with sweet pink inner flesh which holds its colour well after cooking. Root length 25-28cm (10-11"). Row 6m (20').Unusual coloured type - Brighten up mealtimes and encourage kids to eat their Average Seeds 540

  27. Comfrey Seeds

    Comfrey Seeds

    Average Seeds 50
  28. Cress Seeds - Curled

    Cress Seeds - Curled

    Ready in just 6-8 days! Can be grown indoors all the year round. Sow on moist tissue paper and cover with glass or paper until seed germinates. To mature with mustard sow two days in advance. Harvest January-December…

    Average Seeds 10000
  29. Celeriac Seeds - Prinz

    Celeriac Seeds - Prinz

    This leading quality celeriac produces large, firm roots with white flesh that remains white after blanching. A delicious winter vegetable with a celery flavour. The large, round root has crisp, white flesh for eating raw…

    Average Packet Contents 145 seeds
  30. Cauliflower Seeds - Aalsmeer

    Cauliflower Seeds - Aalsmeer

    A frost hardy cauliflower, recommended for growing in all areas, producing vigorous plants and first-class, deep white curds with an excellent flavour in April-May. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. For winter/spring use -…

    Average Seeds 90
  31. Pea Seeds - Alderman

    Pea Seeds - Alderman

    A traditional variety and one of the few tall varieties still available. Still grown all over the country since few varieties crop so well. The long, thick pods often contain 11 large peas of excellent flavour. Height 1.5-1…

    Average Seeds 300
  32. Spinach Perpetual Seeds

    Spinach Perpetual Seeds

    One of the most useful vegetables which can be picked continuously right through to autumn. Cook leaves and stems like spinach. Valuable on dry soil, where true spinach runs to seed. Recommended for deep freezing.…

    Average Seeds 270
  33. Spinach Perpetual Seeds

    Spinach Perpetual Seeds

    One of the most useful vegetables which can be picked continuously right through to autumn. Cook leaves and stems like spinach. Valuable on dry soil, where true spinach runs to seed. Recommended for deep freezing.…

    Average Seeds 810 - Triple Pack
  34. Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Resistant to bolting (running to seed), of rich colour and quality and can be sown earlier than any other beetroot. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Globe variety. Maturing 12-16 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 1110 - Triple Pack
  35. Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

    Boltardy is a unique beetroot that's resistant to bolting (running to seed). It's got a rich colour, is of superb quality and can be sown earlier than any other beetroot. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Globe variety.…

    Average Seeds 370
  36. Broad Beans Dreadnought Seeds

    Broad Beans Dreadnought Seeds

    The pods are of extraordinary size and length, packed with excellent quality white beans. Recommended for exhibition. Suitable for deep freezing.

    Average Seeds 65
  37. Cabbage Seeds -Tundra F1

    Cabbage Seeds -Tundra F1

    This impressive cabbage has superb resistance to really hard winter weather. The medium-large heads are formed from November to February and the internal structure is crisp and tasty. For cutting in winter - maturing time…

    Average Seeds 80
  38. Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    A reliable and heavy-cropping cucumber producing a tasty harvest of dark green, cylindrical fruits from July onwards. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Outdoor variety.Rob says: Once you see the tiny cucumbers on the plant, water…

    Average Seeds 25
  39. Leek Seeds - Musselburgh

    Leek Seeds - Musselburgh

    Musselburgh is a hardy, traditional Scottish leek which produces long thick stems.

    Average Seeds 900 - Triple Pack
  40. Radish Seeds - Amethyst

    Radish Seeds - Amethyst

    For something a little unusual give this superb radish a try. It's a lovely combination of purple skin and white flesh, and tastes delicious too! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

    Average Seeds 300
  41. Radish Seeds - Mixture

    Radish Seeds - Mixture

    Dobies' specially formulated mixture which will give a good range of shapes and colours maturing at slightly varying times to give successional cropping. Very easy to grow. Maturing time approximately 5-8 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 500
  42. Rocket Seeds - Wild

    Rocket Seeds - Wild

    The original wild variety, ideal for salads or cooking, producing a good supply of strong-flavoured leaves in as little as six weeks from sowing.

    Average seeds 670
  43. Rocket Seeds - Annual

    Rocket Seeds - Annual

    An easy to grow and quick-maturing annual, producing tasty, tangy leaves that are delicious in summer salads.

    Average Seeds 800
  44. Tomato Seeds - Moneymaker

    Tomato Seeds - Moneymaker

    Well known for reliably producing heavy crops. Large trusses of medium-sized fruit. Ideal for greenhouse or outdoor growing. An essential element of your summer salads!(Cordon variety - one stem grown by pinching off side-shoots…

    Average Seeds 70
  45. Turnip Seeds - Armand

    Turnip Seeds - Armand

    A late maturing variety that peforms magnificently under cold conditions. The attractive purple-and-white globe-shaped roots can be harvested from November to March.

    Average Seeds 950
  46. Pumpkin Seeds - Mammoth

    Pumpkin Seeds - Mammoth

    An orange-skinned pumpkin with yellow flesh, which gardeners have grown to a weight of over 50kg. Recommended for exhibition.

    12 seeds
  47. Wild Rocket (Organic) Seeds

    Wild Rocket (Organic) Seeds

    Much thinner-leaved than the cultivated variety, but with a more pungent peppery flavour. Less prone to bolt. A perennial, but best grown as an annual.

    Average Packet Content 400 seeds
  48. Chilli Seeds - Slowburn

    Chilli Seeds - Slowburn

    The heat on this variety is not immediately apparent but builds slowly and stops before it gets too hot, hence the name 'Slowburn'.Heavy crops of attractive orange chillies of 55-60K SHU heat rating! Deep, rich flavour can be…

    Average seed content 15
  49. Chilli Seeds - Jalapeno

    Chilli Seeds - Jalapeno

    Probably the world's most famous chilli! The unique flavour works perfectly when sliced onto a pizza or to spice up a simple sandwich. When in a green state the Jalapeno is great to eat but becomes a little sweeter when they turn…

    Average seed content 15
  50. Mint Seeds - Corsican

    Mint Seeds - Corsican

    Creates a small, aromatic carpet in the garden. Great to grow between paving stones as makes an attractive ground cover. Has a strong minty fragrance, especially when walked on! Ideal to grow in pots where it will creep down the…

    20 (multi-seed pellets)
  51. Squash Seeds - Fungo

    Squash Seeds - Fungo

    An attractive variety with a distinctive 'Turban' shape. Bred for improved flavour compared to regular varieties.A popular choice for ornamental autumn displays with excellent flavour for roasting, baking and soups and stews.

    12 seeds
Showing 60 product(s)