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Asparagus Seed

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  1. Asparagus Seeds - Ariane F1

    Asparagus Seeds - Ariane F1

    This first-class asparagus produces tall, slender, high quality spears with tight green buds. Particularly delicious steamed, stir-fried or sauted and topped with butter.

    10 seeds
  2. Asparagus Crowns - Gijnlim

    Asparagus Crowns - Gijnlim

    …hybrid, forming no seeds which means all its energies go into spear production. Height 100-150cm (39-59").Mouth-watering asparagus tips are still considered something of a luxury vegetable, and the…

    10 Crowns
  3. Salsify Seeds

    Salsify Seeds

    Long roots with a delicate and distinctive flavour that has been likened to oysters or asparagus.

    Average Seeds 130
  4. Bean (Yard Long) Seeds - Yard Long Bean

    Bean (Yard Long) Seeds - Yard Long Bean

    Pencil thick green beans grow up to a whopping 75cm long! Used like green beans and popular in Asia, thin round pods with a sweeter taste.Best grown in a tunnel or greenhouse, a sunny spot to reach their potential.The beans are…

    Average seed content 70
  5. Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Italian Striped

    Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Italian Striped

    Dark green with lighter green stripes. Can be picked when finger-sized, cooked whole and served like asparagus. Grow on for slicing.

    Packet Content 12 seeds
Showing 5 product(s)