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Aubergine Seeds

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  1. Aubergine Seeds - Ophelia F1

    Aubergine Seeds - Ophelia F1

    A compact aubergine that's ideal for container growing, bearing clusters of delicious, glossy, dark purple fruits throughout summer.

    6 Seeds
  2. Aubergine Seeds - Bonica F1

    Aubergine Seeds - Bonica F1

    Large, shiny purple, oval aubergines are produced very early on plants of compact, bushy habit. The fruits 'set' well. High yield. Suitable for patio containers. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

    20 Seeds
  3. 12 Cell Propagator with Aubergine Bonica Seed

    12 Cell Propagator with Aubergine Bonica Seed

    12 cell jiffy propagator with a packet of Aubergine Bonica seed includes expanding jiffy pellets.

    Propagator + Aubergine Seed
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  4. Tomato Seeds - Ailsa Craig

    Tomato Seeds - Ailsa Craig

    Popular and reliable tomato seeds with medium-sized fruits of fine shape and flavour. Ideal for greenhouse and outdoor growing. Medium fruited variety - an essential element of your summer salads!(Cordon variety - one stem…

    Average Seeds 40
  5. Aubergine Grafted Plants - Meatball Save 19%

    Aubergine Grafted Plants - Meatball

    …rule! This new variety was bred by combining the best traits of both heritage and hybrid varieties to give you an aubergine of excellence. Meatball gives you 12cm fruits with few seeds, dense meaty flesh…

    3 Potted Plants
    From £11.99 Was £14.97
  6. Vintage Eggplant Planters

    Vintage Eggplant Planters

    Grow your aubergines (a.k.a. Eggplants) in style on your patio this summer with these roomy planters. Measures 45cm (18") diameter x 37cm (14") high. 59 litres. Large fold-up planters that you can use anywhere! Robustly…

    Pack of 2
  7. Tomato Seeds - Red Currant

    Tomato Seeds - Red Currant

    Rob says: Solanum pimpernelifolium produces tiny fruits, hence the name. Its a different species from your common garden tomato and its hardly changed since it was found growing wild on a Peruvian beach in 1707. The plants are…

    Average Seeds 30
Showing 7 product(s)