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Autumn Planting Garlic

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  1. Garlic (Softneck) Bulbs - Cledor (Autumn)

    Garlic (Softneck) Bulbs - Cledor (Autumn)

    Improvement on an old French variety 'Rose du Var' originally from the South of France. Produces round white bulbs with strong skin and great flavour. Harvest late June-August. 250g pack (8-12 cloves per bulb.)

  2. Winter Cropping Veg Mix

    Winter Cropping Veg Mix

    …through autumn and into winter, why not grow Swiss Chard Seakale outside now. This extremely cold hardy variety will give you tasty leaves within weeks or can be left to produce larger leaves and stems which can be…

    22 Value Plugs
  3. Garlic Bulbs (Spring) - Printanor

    Garlic Bulbs (Spring) - Printanor

    A reasonably new variety with large bulbs filled with plump tasty cloves. Can be planted in the autumn and in the spring. Harvest June-September. (French grown - softneck). 10-12 cloves per bulb.

    250g Pack
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 3 product(s)