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Avalon Pride Peach Tree

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  1. Peach Dwarf Fruit Tree - Avalon Pride

    Peach Dwarf Fruit Tree - Avalon Pride

    …self-fertile. Trees are grafted onto the most innovative rootstock, which reduces the vigour of the plant, provides a controlled growth and improves the characteristics of the fruits! Eventual height 1.5-2m,…

    1 x 4 Litre Potted Tree
  2. Peach Tree - Avalon Pride

    Peach Tree - Avalon Pride

    …introduced peach appears to be strongly resistant to leaf curl disease. From a chance seedling found by a Miss Pride in woods in Washington State, near Seattle. She noticed that it was peach leaf curl…

    Despatch from 04/02/2020 1 Bare Root Tree
Showing 2 product(s)