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Baby Spinach

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  1. Spinach Seeds - Rubino F1

    Spinach Seeds - Rubino F1

    An excellent round-leaved, mid-green variety with distinctive bright red stems and leaf veins, ideal for use as baby leaves, when the leaves have a buttery tenderness and a mild, sweet flavour. An ideal summer or winter…

    Average Seeds 200
  2. Spinach Seeds - Amazon F1

    Spinach Seeds - Amazon F1

    A fast-growing true type spinach with attractive round dark green foliage which is delicious as baby leaves. Ideal for spring and autumn growing. Recommended sowing times are March- mid April and August onwards.…

    Average Seeds 500
  3. Keep Cropping Spinach Plants - Perpetual

    Keep Cropping Spinach Plants - Perpetual

    …or greenhouse after you've harvested your summer crops. Plants will grow and crop before you need the space back for your tomatoes next year, supplying you with tasty and nutritious leaves throughout winter and spring.…

    6 x 9cm Potted Plants
  4. Corn Salad Seeds - Large Leaved

    Corn Salad Seeds - Large Leaved

    An easily grown salad item for use in summer, autumn and into the winter. Use as a 'baby' leaf or pick leaves off the plants as required. A useful lettuce-like salad, very popular in Europe. Pull the leaves as required, as…

    Average Seeds 480
  5. Chard Seeds - Barese

    Chard Seeds - Barese

    A unique chard that forms exceptionally tender baby greens, much like pak choi. It also forms an impressive mature plant, with attractive, slightly curled leaves. For pak choi style plants, space plants approximately 15…

    Average Seeds 200
Showing 5 product(s)