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  1. GroChar Fertiliser

    GroChar Fertiliser

    An easy to use, all-natural pelleted fertiliser for healthier, more productive vegetables, fruit and shrubs. 15% GroCher (Biochar + Mycorrihizal Fungi + Seaweed + worm casts) Plus a fully organic blend of plant nutrients. N…

    20 Kg
    From £59.99
  2. Grochar Tree Soil Improver Save 5%

    Grochar Tree Soil Improver

    A tree soil improver combining biochar, seaweed, mycorrhizal fungi and wormcasts. In trials, young Ash trees showed no signs of disease after being treated with biochar injected into the soil with a "œair…

    £21.84 Was £22.99
Showing 2 product(s)