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Bird Boxes

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  1. Wildlife Camera Kit

    Wildlife Camera Kit

    …your TV to see the live image stream. Both a standard 6mm lens and a wide angle lens good for viewing inside a bird box are included. The camera can be fitted in any covered nest box or nesting house.…

  2. Felton Poultry House

    Felton Poultry House

    A 6' x 4' x 4'6' tall poultry house complete with access door, 'onduline' roof, ventilation hatch, removeable perches and four laying boxes with external access. There is also a pophole on the right hand side to allow the…

    Poultry House
  3. Bird Watching Kit

    Bird Watching Kit

    Everything needed for that aspiring ornithologist presented in a colourful box.Includes 24 identification cards showing 72 common British and European birds, folding binoculars, notepad and pencil for field notes, feeding…

    Kit x 1
  4. Teapot Nester

    Teapot Nester

    The friendly Robin prefers open nesting sites and often utilise man-made objects like open boxes, kettles and traditional teapots. Made from weather resistant ceramic, this delightful nester is easy to install in any garden…

Showing 4 product(s)