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Bird House

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  1. Dovecot Shaped Nester

    Dovecot Shaped Nester

    In the style of a traditional dovecote, suitable for small hole nesting birds such as blue tits. Handmade timber shingle roof with flat-backed nest box body. Keyhole slot for hanging and an opening back for annual cleaning.…

    Delivery within 7 days Nester
  2. Shaker Style Bird House Save 21%

    Shaker Style Bird House

    Colourful shaker style bird house. Hinged door to allow for cleaning and a fitting to hang. 18 x 17 x 27.5cm. Assorted colours/designs.

    Delivery within 7 days Bird House
    £14.99 Was £18.99
  3. Hanging Bell Bird House Save 11%

    Hanging Bell Bird House

    This quirky, decorative birdhouse will enhance any garden setting! Made from weathered-looking metal, with a rustic finish, complete with hanging chain. 16 x 16 x 25.5cm.

    Delivery within 7 days Birdhouse
    £14.99 Was £16.99
  4. Premium Camera Nest Box Kit

    Premium Camera Nest Box Kit

    …other wildlife observation such as hedgehog houses, bat boxes, insect houses and covered bird feeders, or domestic pet surveillance, aviaries, stables, hutches etc. The camera is not fully waterproof…

    Delivery within 7 days Nest Box Kit
  5. Birdhouse - Kingsgate Cottage Save 16%

    Birdhouse - Kingsgate Cottage

    This house has intricate details and two roof lines. The roof is topped with pine shingles and there are numerous details on the porch window and door trims. It has a removable back wall for easy cleaning. Included is a…

    Delivery within 7 days Birdhouse
    £49.99 Was £59.99
  6. Birdhouse - Red Lion Inn Save 8%

    Birdhouse - Red Lion Inn

    A highly decorative and functional birdhouse. Ideal for birds and a great feature for your garden. 25 x 28.5 x 18.5cm.

    Delivery within 7 days Birdhouse
    £54.99 Was £59.99
  7. Robin Nester Twin Pack

    Robin Nester Twin Pack

    …wire. The base of the brushwood nester has a rattan landing platform with a low dividing wall separating the nesting or roosting space. Also suitable for other bird species such as wagtails and spotted flycatchers…

    Set of 2
  8. Roosting Pockets

    Roosting Pockets

    Cosy roosting spaces offer protection and nesting for small birds such as Blue Tits. This natural fibre roosting pocket is designed to provide a cosy overnight retreat, particularly during the colder weather. Complete with…

    Delivery within 7 days Pack of 3 pockets
  9. Teapot Nester

    Teapot Nester

    The friendly Robin prefers open nesting sites and often utilise man-made objects like open boxes, kettles and traditional teapots. Made from weather resistant ceramic, this delightful nester is easy to install in any garden, and…

    Delivery within 7 days Nester
  10. Nest Box - Robin Log

    Nest Box - Robin Log

    Hollowed out log complete with bark intact and a large open front hole ideal for robins, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers. The appearance of the natural product may vary but is perfect for a garden or woodland setting. Air…

    Delivery within 7 days Robin Log
    From £18.99
  11. Main Street Cottage Birdhouse

    Main Street Cottage Birdhouse

    A decorative yet functional hanging birdhouse with 32mm entry hole, ideal for nesting birds such as Wrens, Finches and Nuthatches. Removable back wall for easy cleaning includes drainage and ventilation and the interior is…

    More Info Currently Unavailable
  12. Build Your Own Bird Feeder & Insect House Save 8%

    Build Your Own Bird Feeder & Insect House

    A great gift idea and a fun activity for kids and adults too! Using these simple kits, you can build your very own window bird feeder and insect house. Insect house suitable for ladybirds, solitary bees and…

    Bird Feeder & Insect House
    £21.98 Was £23.98
    More Info Currently Unavailable
  13. Birdhouse - Backyard Bird Cottage Save 20%

    Birdhouse - Backyard Bird Cottage

    Removable back wall drainage ventilation, unpainted interior and a 1" hole size will invite nesting birds in and keep larger ones out. Fully functional this decorative wooden house will lure both people and birds!…

    £39.99 Was £49.99
    More Info Currently Unavailable
  14. Coffee Pot Birdhouse

    Coffee Pot Birdhouse

    …Coffee Pot Bird House is available in four charming, vintage floral prints (designs will vary), features a wooden perch, and can be mounted either onto a wall or tree. Designed for the Blue Tit, Crested Tit,…

    More Info Currently Unavailable
  15. Wildlife Camera Kit

    Wildlife Camera Kit

    …lens good for viewing inside a bird box are included. The camera can be fitted in any covered nest box or nesting house. If used as a stand-alone unit for watching wildlife in the garden, it must be protected…

    More Info Currently Unavailable
  16. Boathouse Birdhouse

    Boathouse Birdhouse

    Designed to look like a traditional lakeside boathouse, birds enter via the 32mm hole in the life buoy. Removable back for easy cleaning. Interior unpainted, exterior finished with water-based non-toxic paint. Attach to a…

    More Info Currently Unavailable
  17. Beach Hut Birdhouse Save 18%

    Beach Hut Birdhouse

    A trio of decorative beach huts styled into a practical birdhouse with drainage and ventilation holes plus a removable back wall for easy cleaning. Finished with water-based non-toxic paint. Entry holes 32mm. Attach to a post,…

    £44.99 Was £54.99
    More Info Currently Unavailable
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