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  1. Bonemeal


    Encourages healthy root development. Rich in phosphates and nitrogen. Releases nutrients slowly over an extended period. 1.25kg.

  2. Bonemeal - 3.5kg

    Bonemeal - 3.5kg

    Bonemeal is a natural NP fertiliser that is authorised for use in organic farming. It works up to 3 months. This fertiliser is responsible for the root formation in crops. It is rich in organic matter and to apply in crops…

    3.5kg Box
  3. Bonemeal - 10kg Tub

    Bonemeal - 10kg Tub

    Bonemeal is a slow-release fertiliser produced from sterilised bonemeal. It contains two elements essential for healthy plant growth - phosphate and nitrogen. It is the slow release of nutrients over an extended…

    10kg Tub
Showing 3 product(s)