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Box Ball Plants

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  1. Box Plant - Ball 30cm

    Box Plant - Ball 30cm

    Create your own topiary! The ball form is one of the simplest shapes to master and will make a stunning addition to your garden. They will look superb in smart planters either side of a doorway or add structure to a patio…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 x 5 Litre Potted Plant
    From £25.00
  2. Box Plant - Ball 30cm x 2 Save 20%

    Box Plant - Ball 30cm x 2

    This dark green foliage item is an absolute classic! Simply trim once a year during the summer to maintain the shape. Supplied as a freshly clipped 30cm ball for instant effect. Height 30-40cm; spread 30-40cm. Supplied in a…

    Delivery within 7-14 days 2 x 5 Litre Potted Plants
    From £40.00 Was £50.00
  3. Carrot Seeds - Atlas

    Carrot Seeds - Atlas

    …It forms small ping pong ball sized, super sweet spheres. This variety is an old 19th century French one which used to be grown in the market gardens of Paris. Children love to grow these in containers, they mature…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 1000
Showing 3 product(s)