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Broad Bean Luz De Otono

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  1. Bean (Broad) Seeds - Luz de Otono

    Bean (Broad) Seeds - Luz de Otono

    The first Summer sowing broad bean that will crop that autumn, allowing you to eat fresh broad beans out of season, it can also be Autumn sown for crops the following year.Tolerance to soil born…

    Delivery within 7 days Average seed content 65
  2. Bean Broad Plants - Luz de Otono

    Bean Broad Plants - Luz de Otono

    A vigorous growing bean that shows good cold resistance for overwintering use. Produces long, high-quality pods of tasty beans perfect to plant in July for an autumn harvest, October-November, may require some…

    Despatch from July 2020 12 Garden Ready Plants
    From £9.99
Showing 2 product(s)