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Cabbage Seeds

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  1. Cabbage Seeds - Vivaldi F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Vivaldi F1

    Performs well in a wide range of soils and weather conditions, producing quality heads with a delicious peppery taste. Can also be sown in October. Sow March-May. (20-26 weeks maturing from sowing).

    Average Seeds 50
  2. Cabbage Seeds - Wheelers Imperial

    Cabbage Seeds - Wheelers Imperial

    A heritage variety with superb reliability. Dark green, compact heads with well-flavoured, pointed, tender hearts, for use in April and early May. Can also be sown in spring for summer and autumn cutting.

    Average Seeds 500
  3. Cabbage Seeds - Dutchman F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Dutchman F1

    A deliciously sweet, small-headed pointed cabbage. Bred by our own group, it boasts excellent flavour, shows good resistance to white blister and holds well when mature. Ideal for growing at reduced spacing. Sow February…

    Average seeds 60
  4. Cabbage Seeds - Kilaton F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Kilaton F1

    This club root resistant variety produces excellent quality, large round cabbages which are bigger than Kilazol F1. Each cabbage weighs between 2.5-4kg. They can be picked over several months as this variety has…

    Average seed content 50
  5. Cabbage Savoy Seeds - January King 3

    Cabbage Savoy Seeds - January King 3

    Average Seeds 1350 - Triple Pack
  6. Cabbage Seeds - Noelle F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Noelle F1

    A hybrid January King type which matures from October onwards, it produces good sized heads with a superb flavour and stands well in the field. For autumn/winter cutting.

    Average Seeds 55
  7. Kohl Rabi Seeds - Dyna

    Kohl Rabi Seeds - Dyna

    Unique purple 'bulbs with green stalked leaves, highly attractive.Plants can grow quite large and still remain tender with delicious cabbage and turnip flavour, great for stir fry, soups, casseroles or coleslaw.Leaves can…

    Average seed content 50
  8. Cabbage White Seeds - Jersey Wakefield

    Cabbage White Seeds - Jersey Wakefield

    Grown in the States from 1840, there is suspicion that Jersey Wakefield actually made its way to America from Yorkshire! This pointed, sweet cabbage is resistant to splitting and very compact with few outer leaves, so it…

    Average Seeds 200
  9. Cabbage Seeds - Red Jewel F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Red Jewel F1

    Excellent, early maturing red cabbage, producing tasty, deep red round heads that hold well in the garden. For summer/autumn cutting.

    Average Seeds 65
  10. Savoy Cabbage Seeds - d'Aubervilliers

    Savoy Cabbage Seeds - d'Aubervilliers

    …in the Town of Aubervilliers near Paris, which is famous for its fertile fields and fantastic vegetables. The beautifully crinkly savoy style cabbage is very tender with a mild taste, it also resists bolting and can…

    Average Seeds 200
  11. Cabbage Savoy (Organic) Seeds - Vertus

    Cabbage Savoy (Organic) Seeds - Vertus

    An Ormskirk type with the ability to stand severe frosts. An excellent green vegetable when little else is available. Sow May-June plant 60cm apart harvest Dec-Feb. Try lightly braised in butter with a twist of freshly ground…

    Average Packet Content 190 seeds
  12. Cabbage Seeds - Rigoleto F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Rigoleto F1

    A true savoy! Able to survive winter temperatures as low as -20C, this extremely hardy cabbage produces dark blue-green heads of tasty leaves. A good alternative to the popular variety Chirimen. Savoy Cabbage - for…

    Average Seeds 50
  13. Cabbage (Organic) Seeds - Drago F1

    Cabbage (Organic) Seeds - Drago F1

    Ideal for tasty mini cabbages. Attractive light green with pale white heart. Sow May-June, plant 40cm apart, harvest September-October.

    Average Packet Content 40 seeds
  14. Cabbage Seeds - Spring Hero F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Spring Hero F1

    This customer favourite is very hard and dark green, the compact round heads are of excellent quality with nearly white, crisp, sweet hearts, about 0.68-0.9 kg (1-2 lb) in weight. For cutting in spring - maturing time…

    Average Seeds 50
  15. Cabbage Seeds - Golden Acre

    Cabbage Seeds - Golden Acre

    Golden Acre is a very good early cabbage with medium-sized rounded heads of rock-like firmness. Summer/autumn cutting - maturing time approximately 20-26 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 450
  16. Cabbage Seeds - Greyhound

    Cabbage Seeds - Greyhound

    Average Seeds 1350 - Triple Pack
  17. Cabbage Seeds -Tundra F1

    Cabbage Seeds -Tundra F1

    This impressive cabbage has superb resistance to really hard winter weather. The medium-large heads are formed from November to February and the internal structure is crisp and tasty. For cutting in winter - maturing time…

    Average Seeds 80
  18. Cabbage Seeds - Tinty F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Tinty F1

    A red, pointed cabbage that has the look and flavour of green pointed cabbage, but its colour provides excellent visual impact. Good resistance to white blister. Holds well when mature. Summer/Autumn cutting pointed …

    Average Seeds 100
  19. Cabbage Seeds - Monarchy F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Monarchy F1

    This great tasting sweetheart type cabbage will extend the picking season. Enjoy as smooth leaf greens or as more mature pointed heads. Sow May-June.

    Average Seeds 55
  20. Chinese Cabbage Seeds - Richi F1

    Chinese Cabbage Seeds - Richi F1

    An excellent short barrel type with rich green outer leaves and a beautifully structured yellow heart.Simon says: Another not used as much as it should be cabbage, great flavour and yield, we like to serve it grilled with…

    Average Seeds 95
  21. Cabbage (Organic) Seeds - Chateaurenard

    Cabbage (Organic) Seeds - Chateaurenard

    Quick growing variety with pointed heads. For summer and early autumn cutting. Sow April-June, plant 50cm apart, harvest August-October.

    Average Packet Content 125 seeds
  22. Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem

    Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem

    One of the sweetest of all lettuces. Halfway between a cos and cabbage lettuce, with deep green, crisp, fleshy hearts. Resistant to Root Aphid. Sow March-July. Row 15m (50'). RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Summer 'Cos'…

    Average Seeds 1400
  23. Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem

    Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem

    One of the sweetest of all lettuces. Halfway between a cos and cabbage lettuce, with deep green, crisp, fleshy hearts. Resistant to Root Aphid. Sow March-July. Row 15m (50'). RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner. Summer 'Cos'…

    Average Seeds 4200 - Triple Pack
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