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Cabbage Spring Greens

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  1. Cabbage Seeds - Spring Hero F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Spring Hero F1

    This customer favourite is very hard and dark green, the compact round heads are of excellent quality with nearly white, crisp, sweet hearts, about 0.68-0.9 kg (1-2 lb) in weight. For cutting in spring - maturing…

    Order by Noon - Same Day Despatch! Average Seeds 50
  2. Cabbage Plants - Pointed Continuity Duo Pack

    Cabbage Plants - Pointed Continuity Duo Pack

    Two first class, deliciously flavoured cabbages, selected for use as a spring green leaf or allowed to heart up. Comprises 22 plants.

    Despatch from May 2019 22 Value Plugs
  3. Cabbage Plants - F1 Winterjewel

    Cabbage Plants - F1 Winterjewel

    …exceptional winter hardiness and resistance to bolting, and you can look forward to delicious spring greens in April and May. The greens have smooth, dark leaves and compact 8oz heads. A lovely veg to…

    Despatch from September 2019 22 Value Plugs
Showing 3 product(s)