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  1. Houseplant Calathea Lancifolia Save 50%

    Houseplant Calathea Lancifolia

    Lancifolia is a very attractive variety with long leaves of bright green, splotched with darker green colour along the middle. Add to this their dark purple undersides and rippled effect for a must-have houseplant! Height 61-70cm;…

    1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
    £14.99 Was £29.99
  2. Houseplant Calathea Rosea-picta Medallion Save 26%

    Houseplant Calathea Rosea-picta Medallion

    Calathea Medallion is a classic calathea, with large dark green leaves, marked with cream and vivid green. The undersides of the leaves are a rich purple-red, adding to its tropical charm. Height 31-40cm; spread 21…

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
    £21.99 Was £29.99
Showing 2 product(s)