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Cherry Plum Trees

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  1. Wildlife Hedge Collection

    Wildlife Hedge Collection

    With 5 sloes, 3 hazels, 1 cherry plum and 1 crab apple, you can create a superb 4m long hedge in your garden that will look great, and that birds and wildlife will love! Supplied as bare root plants.

    Despatch from 10/01/2020 10 Bare Root Plants
  2. Cherry Aid Fruit Tree Sleeves Save 14%

    Cherry Aid Fruit Tree Sleeves

    Dont watch branches laden with precious cherries, plums and other stone fruits get decimated by birds and insects before they fully ripen. These Cherry Aid reusable 1m (33) long wraps, with their velcro and…

    Pack of 4
    From £23.98 Was £27.98
Showing 2 product(s)