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Chicken Coop

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  1. Chicken Coop, Nesting Box & Outdoor Pen Save 20%

    Chicken Coop, Nesting Box & Outdoor Pen

    Small chicken coop with laying nesting box including perches. Galvanised basin makes easy cleaning. Weatherproof bitumen roof which can be opened and gives access to the attic, that can be used to stow away equipment…

    Delivery within 7 days Coop, Nesting Box & Pen
    £399.99 Was £499.99
  2. Chicken Coop - Large

    Chicken Coop - Large

    Comfortably houses six chickens Internal perches Three compartment nest box with removable lid for easy egg collection Slide opening front door with hook support and ramp Rear door and slide out floor for easy cleaning…

    Delivery within 21 days Large Coop
    From £349.99
  3. Small Chicken Coop Save 14%

    Small Chicken Coop

    Weather proofed bitumen roof. The roof can be opened and gives access to the attic, that can be used to stow away equipment and accessories. Glazed with protective wood paint. Prolonged legs for good ventilation. Galvanised basin…

    Delivery within 7 days Coop
    £299.00 Was £349.99
  4. NOFrost Thermal Chicken Coop

    NOFrost Thermal Chicken Coop

    Temperature control via integrated thermostat (shift among 6ºC and 13ºC room temperature). Heated coils integrated into the floor keep the interior frost-free. For connection to 230V power supply with transformer…

    Delivery within 7 days Thermal Chicken Coop
  5. Chicken Swing

    Chicken Swing

    Ideal for hanging in any coop. Built to last, the chicken swing is suitable for poultry of all ages and breeds. Adjustable ropes up to 180cm. The perfect boredom buster.

    Delivery within 7 days Chicken Swing
  6. Door Kit

    Door Kit

    Aluminium Door Size: 30cm x 40cm (12" x 16"). With a pre-drilled hole for attaching the ChickenGuard string Oak Runner length: 60cm (24"). Designed to significantly reduce the snagging that can occur when trying to open a coop<…

    Delivery within 21 days Door Kit
    From £34.99
Showing 6 product(s)