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Chilli Planters

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  1. Vintage Peppers Planters

    Vintage Peppers Planters

    …you have a penchant for sweet or chilli peppers, this is the planter for you. Measures 31cm (12") wide x 40cm (16") high. 30 litres. Large fold-up planters that you can use anywhere! Robustly made,…

    Despatch next working day Pack of 2
  2. Grow Bag Wooden Crate Kit

    Grow Bag Wooden Crate Kit

    …mini veg arden. Please note: that this crate is not available for personalisation.Or for just 5 extra why not try one of our collections that include a selection of plants .... Chilli Grow Bag Crate Kit Collection,…

    Despatch next working day Grow Bag & Crate Kit
Showing 2 product(s)