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Club Root Resistant Seeds

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  1. Brussels Sprout Seeds - Crispus F1

    Brussels Sprout Seeds - Crispus F1

    Clubroot problem in the garden or allotment? Then choose Crispus! Clubroot Fungus resistant! Healthy roots produce heavy crops! The only choice if you have the disease in the soil. Adapted to growing in stressed…

    Average Seeds 25
  2. Cabbage Seeds - Kilaton F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Kilaton F1

    This club root resistant variety produces excellent quality, large round cabbages which are bigger than Kilazol F1. Each cabbage weighs between 2.5-4kg. They can be picked over several months as this variety…

    Average seed content 50
  3. Cauliflower Seeds - Clapton F1

    Cauliflower Seeds - Clapton F1

    At last a Club Root resistant cauliflower! Beat the scourge of this pernicious fungal disease. A superb, vigorous, autumn cauliflower with fine white curds well protected by leaves. The heads naturally mature…

    Average Seeds 60 - Bulk Pack
  4. Swede (Organic) Seeds - Lomond

    Swede (Organic) Seeds - Lomond

    A modern, reliable variety with resistance to club root and powdery mildew. Striking purple skin and smooth yellow flesh.

    Average Packet Content 475 seeds
  5. Swede Seeds - Invitation

    Swede Seeds - Invitation

    Club root a problem in the garden or on the allotment? Then this is the one to choose! This together with Powdery Mildew resistance ensures Invitation will out-perform other susceptible varieties and its tasty…

    Average Seeds 1050
Showing 5 product(s)