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Compost For Hanging Baskets

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  1. Coleus Plants - Velvet Luxe

    Coleus Plants - Velvet Luxe

    …plants for their appearance and reliability. Why not take a leaf out of the experts' books?Caring for your ColeusColeus leaves are often splashed with shades of pink and red that can be used to echo the…

    15 Garden Ready Plugs
  2. Moisture Retaining Mix Compost

    Moisture Retaining Mix Compost

    Contains a special water retaining agent that minimises water loss under hot or windy conditions reducing the need for frequent watering, plus a high potash feed for extra flowers. Ideal for hanging 60 Litres

  3. Tub & Hanging Basket Feed

    Tub & Hanging Basket Feed

    Balanced formulation of major nutrients and essential trace elements. Incorporates special wetters to improve penetration into the compost. Apply at weekly intervals throughout the growing season. 1 litre.

    1 Litre
  4. Bumper Basket Super Plug Plants - Collection Save 29%

    Bumper Basket Super Plug Plants - Collection

    Enjoy 6 wonderful varieties specifically chosen to look amazing in hanging baskets and decorative containers.If you want to add amazing combinations of colour to your hanging baskets this summer, then…

    36 Super Plugs
    From £35.00 Was £49.50
  5. Moorland Gold Potting and Container Compost Save 5%

    Moorland Gold Potting and Container Compost

    Organic potting compost, based on Moorland Gold (Peat particles reclaimed from reservoir dredging), with added nutrients to feed both young and mature plants, for strong, healthy balanced growth. Excellent for

    Despatch from 06/04/2020 40 Litres
    From £16.14 Was £16.99
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Showing 5 product(s)