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  1. Cornflower Seeds - Blue Diadem

    Cornflower Seeds - Blue Diadem

    Cornflowers really should be grown in every garden. They not only attract bees by the dozen, they also give you hundreds of beautiful flowers. If you dead head one flower, you get two in its place! That is how productive…

    Average Seeds 190
  2. Cornflower (Organic) Seeds - Double Blue

    Cornflower (Organic) Seeds - Double Blue

    Rich and brilliant blue flowers all summer long - and the bees will love it as much as you do! Flowers June-September. Height 75cm (30").

    Average Packet Content 165 seeds
  3. Saintpaulia Plant - Delft

    Saintpaulia Plant - Delft

    Semi-double cornflower blue flowers. Standard variety. Flowers January-December. Height 11-20cm. GP - Greenhouse perennial.

    1 Large Plug Plant
  4. Cornflower Seeds - Tall Double Mixed

    Cornflower Seeds - Tall Double Mixed

    A lovely blend of scarlet, rose, pink, burgundy, purple and blue together with white. One of the easiest annuals to grow and a lovely choice for the back of a border. A traditional 'cottage garden' favourite that also makes an…

    Average Seeds 200
  5. Cornflower Seeds - Black Ball

    Cornflower Seeds - Black Ball

    A typical cottage garden addition, Black Ball is one of the easiest flowers to grow. Producing masses of beautiful, dark crimson red, double blooms. Loved by pollinators, this variety loves full sun. A true cut and come again…

    Average Seeds 100
  6. Mountain Cornflower Seeds - Montana

    Mountain Cornflower Seeds - Montana

    A more unusual shaped cornflower than the regular variety, with explosion like petals in pale blue/purple. Forming a perennial clump, this beautiful flower will bloom for years. Sow January-March or September-November in a…

    Average Seeds 100
  7. Flowering Mixture Seeds - Butterfly and Bee Mix

    Flowering Mixture Seeds - Butterfly and Bee Mix

    …will not flourish. Our mixture is formulated to suit the insects needs in producing pollen and nectar at the appropriate time in their life cycle. Yet you still get a colourful garden the best of both worlds! Mix contains…

  8. Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

    Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

    This Colourful Annuals Mix contains 8 native species of annual Wildflower including easy-to-establish species such as common poppy and cornflower. Will provide a splash of colour with minimal effort and prove beneficial for…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  9. Flowering Mixture Seeds - Shade Mix

    Flowering Mixture Seeds - Shade Mix

    …will have a part of the garden subject to shade and it is always a problem what to plant there. Try this specially blended mix to brighten up those shady areas, though do not try to grow in full shade. Mix contains up to…

  10. Streptocarpus Plant - Charlotte

    Streptocarpus Plant - Charlotte

    These flowers are pale cornflower blue around the edge with a very large yellow eye. The flowers are held on short stems over compact leaves. A very attractive variety. Flower size 6.5cm. Flowers March-November. Height 11…

    1 Plant
Showing 11 product(s)