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Courgette Seeds

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  1. Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Italian Striped

    Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Italian Striped

    Dark green with lighter green stripes. Can be picked when finger-sized, cooked whole and served like asparagus. Grow on for slicing.

    Packet Content 12 seeds
  2. Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

    Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

    High-yielding over a long season. Dark green fruit with crisp white flesh. Recommended for deep freezing. Maturing time approximately 12 weeks from sowing.

    12 seeds
  3. Squash Plants - Tromboncino

    Squash Plants - Tromboncino

    …flavour & a long neck thats 100% free of seeds. Actually a variety of butternut squash, picked while still tender and green. As well as looking incredibly ornamental in the garden, its big benefit in the kitchen…

    3 Super Plugs
  4. Courgette Seeds - Black Forest F1

    Courgette Seeds - Black Forest F1

    Compact, spine-free plants with a unique climbing/trailing habit that makes them perfect for patio containers and ideal for growing up trellises, nets or stout canes. Produces heavy crops of delicious, dark green fruits.

    4 seeds
  5. Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Golden Zucchini

    Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Golden Zucchini

    A bushy, early courgette with medium-long fruits that are slender and cylindrical in shape. Very tender-skinned that are bright gold in colour and with distinctive, delicious zucchini flavour.

    Packet Content 10 seeds
  6. Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Black Beauty

    Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Black Beauty

    Gives a steady supply of delicious, shiny deep green courgettes throughout the summer months. A strong growing, reliable variety. Easy to pick and ideal for slicing and freezing. (Earliest known date 1927).

    Packet Content 15 seeds
  7. Courgette Seeds - Piccolo F1

    Courgette Seeds - Piccolo F1

    British bred, this attractive tennis ball size, round, green striped courgette produces abundant crops of sweetly flavoured courgettes on compact, spine-free plants which can be container or soil grown. Dont worry if…

    8 Seeds
  8. Courgette Seeds - Orelia F1

    Courgette Seeds - Orelia F1

    A golden yellow courgette, producing delicious and attractive 12-18cm (5-7") fruits. Vigorous-growing and heavy-cropping. Good sliced in stir-fries and barbecue kebabs. Maturing time from sowing approximately 12 weeks.

    10 Seeds
  9. Courgette Seeds - Sure Thing Hybrid F1

    Courgette Seeds - Sure Thing Hybrid F1

    Toby says: "A self-pollinating type, ideal for small garden or greenhouse. It needs no insects for pollination, so you'll always get a good crop of tasty fruit." Harvest July-October.

    Seeds 15
  10. Courgette Seeds - Cocozelle v. Tripolis

    Courgette Seeds - Cocozelle v. Tripolis

    …beautiful old Italian variety of courgette. The plant grows as a bush, around 60cm (24) tall and 90cm (36) wide, ideal for smaller plots or even in a well watered container. Producing green/cream striped fruits in…

    15 Seeds
  11. Courgette Seeds - Tosca F1

    Courgette Seeds - Tosca F1

    One of the latest, highest yielding courgettes, yet bushy and compact-growing, producing delicious, shiny, dark green fruits approximately 18-22cm (7-8") in length. Tolerance to Powdery Mildew makes it suitable for later…

    20 Seeds - Bulk Pack
  12. Courgette Seeds - One Ball F1

    Courgette Seeds - One Ball F1

    A unique courgette, producing round-shaped, yellow-coloured fruits. Tennis ball-sized, with scrumptious creamy flesh, they can be sliced and fried or baked whole and stuffed. Maturing time approximately 12 weeks from sowing…

    20 Seeds
  13. Courgette Seeds - Zucchini F1 - Triple Pack

    Courgette Seeds - Zucchini F1 - Triple Pack

    Extremely early with deep green, cylindrical fruits 15cm (6") or more in length. Recommended for deep freezing. Maturing time from sowing 12 weeks.

    Average Seeds 45 - Triple Pack
  14. Marrow Seeds - Long Green Bush 2

    Marrow Seeds - Long Green Bush 2

    Compact plants producing long fruit and can be harvested as courgettes when 15cm (6") long or leave to mature to stripy marrows. Harvest regularly to keep plants cropping over a long period. Marrows can be harvested,…

    Average seed content 15
Showing 18 product(s)