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Crab Apple

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  1. Apple Crab Tree - Gorgeous

    Apple Crab Tree - Gorgeous

    Vivid crimson fruits perfect for crab apple jelly. Great disease resistance. Pollination group 3. SF - Self-fertile.

    Despatch from 27/03/2020 1 Bare Root Tree
  2. Apple Crab Tree - John Downie

    Apple Crab Tree - John Downie

    Not only is this upright apple variety highly ornamental in the garden giving masses of soft pink blossom in spring but it's an excellent pollinator for other apples. The yellow/orange fruits of John Downie are large…

    1 Bare Root Tree
  3. Wildlife Hedge Collection

    Wildlife Hedge Collection

    With 5 sloes, 3 hazels, 1 cherry plum and 1 crab apple, you can create a superb 4m long hedge in your garden that will look great and birds and wildlife will love! Supplied as bare root plants.

    10 Bare Root Plants
  4. Malus Royal Beauty

    Malus Royal Beauty

    Small weeping crab apple tree, red-purple leaves in spring change to purple-green in summer, single red-purple blossom up to 5cm wide, blossom followed by small red fruit. Height 2-2.5m (6'6"-8'2").

    1 Bare Root Tree
Showing 4 product(s)