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  1. Cress Seeds - Curled

    Cress Seeds - Curled

    Ready in just 6-8 days! Can be grown indoors all the year round. Sow on moist tissue paper and cover with glass or paper until seed germinates. To mature with mustard sow two days in advance. Harvest January-December.

    Average Seeds 10000
  2. Cress Seeds - American or Land

    Cress Seeds - American or Land

    A worthy alternative to Water Cress both in taste and appearance but can be grown in containers or ordinary garden soil. Excellent for salads and sandwiches. Crops 8-10 weeks from sowing. Row length per pack: 6m (20').

    Average Seeds 850
  3. Leaf Salad Seeds - Italian

    Leaf Salad Seeds - Italian

    A tasty of Italy. Includes Basil, Dandelion, Cress, Mustard Ruby Streaks and Wild Rocket. Easy to grow cut and come again salad.

    1.50g Pack of seeds
  4. Nasturtium Seeds - Tall Mixed

    Nasturtium Seeds - Tall Mixed

    For clothing a sunny walll or fence. Equally very showy trailed over a high wall. Good range of colours. Single flowers in shades of crimson, scarlet, orange and yellow. Height 180cm (6'). Easy to grow plants that will provide a…

    Average Seeds 35
  5. Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Mixed

    Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Mixed

    And now for something completely different! Colourful flowers in many shades nestle amongst attractive cream on green marbled foliage. Eye catching! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Rounded, compact and perfect for smaller…

    Average Seeds 30
  6. Nasturtium Seeds - Princess of India

    Nasturtium Seeds - Princess of India

    A plant to stop you in your tracks! Brilliant crimson flowers sit above dark green foliage. Perfect with dark blue lobelia Crystal Palace. Stunning! Height 20-25cm (8-10"). HA - Hardy annual. Easy to grow plants that will provide…

    Average Seeds 25
  7. Nasturtium Seeds - Paintbox Mixed

    Nasturtium Seeds - Paintbox Mixed

    Our favourite nasturtium for border use. The flowers differ from normal nasturtiums in being spurless (the long spike behind a normal nasturtium flower). Flowers are also larger and more upward facing than normal types with the…

    Average Seeds 25
  8. Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    Brilliant flower colours and a compact, trailing habit, more manageable in a hanging basket than some trailing types. Stems will trail to some 60cm (2'). When you plant up your hanging baskets with your old favourites, scatter a…

    Average Seeds 25
  9. Leaf Salad Seeds - French

    Leaf Salad Seeds - French

    Specially blended items to evoke those holiday memories. Includes Rocket, Cress, Dandelion and Chervil. Easy to grow cut and come again salad.

    1.50g Pack of seeds
Showing 10 product(s)