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Cucumber F1 Seeds

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  1. Cucumber Seeds - Burpees Bush Champion F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Burpees Bush Champion F1

    This superb bush variety grows to only about a third of the size of other varieties, therefore only requiring a third of the space. It's great for containers and raised beds, producing a bountiful crop of delicious cucumbers.<…

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  2. Cucumber Seeds - Greenfit F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Greenfit F1

    A heavy-cropping 'All Female' variety. Produces vigorous plants bearing heavy crops of long, slightly ribbed, high quality, bitter-free fruits. The most reliable cucumber variety for unheated greenhouses. Harvest July…

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  3. Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

    …main stem, with little side branching. Can be grown outdoors in many areas if planted through black polythene to keep the roots warm. The crisp, nutritious fruits are ideal for children's lunch boxes. An 'All female'…

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  4. Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

    An 'All female' type mini cucumber with good resistance to Powdery Mildew, Mosaic Virus and Downy Mildew. Heavy crops of crisp, delicious, smooth, dark green fruits about 15cm (6") long. Mini cucumber variety.…

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  5. Cucumber Seeds - Carmen F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Carmen F1

    An 'All Female' cucumber with good tolerance to cold weather and mildew and is resistant to scab and leaf spot. Ideal for late or early cropping, when disease can be a problem. Homegrown cucumbers are better than any…

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  6. Cucumber Seeds - Baby F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Baby F1

    The lunch box cucumber! Aptly named, this mini cuc is one of the sweetest we have ever found on our trials. Harvest this little beauty from 7.5cm (3) up to 15cm (6) in length. Very prolific and has resistance to powdery…

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  7. Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

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  8. Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - F1 Paska

    Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - F1 Paska

    A "greenhouse" type cucumber that you can actually grow outdoors (provided the position is not too exposed). Medium-short fruited (22-25cm). Parthenocarpic means it sets fruit without pollination which means you'll always…

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  9. Pepper Seeds - Denver F1

    Pepper Seeds - Denver F1

    An early maturing, heavy cropping pepper, producing large, uniform, blocky-shaped peppers that turn from dark green to bright red as they mature. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus.

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  10. Melon Seeds - Emir F1

    Melon Seeds - Emir F1

    Smooth pale greenish yellow fruits about 11.5cm (4") in diameter, with firm salmon-pink flesh; aromatic and very sweet. More tolerant of low temperatures than most cantaloupe varieties so will bear fruit even in cool summers. For…

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Showing 10 product(s)