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Dinner Plate Dahlia

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  1. Dahlia Tubers - Dinner Plate Mix

    Dahlia Tubers - Dinner Plate Mix

    Massive flower heads, up to 25cm (10") in diameter. A particularly dramatic cut flower. Ideal for cutting. Flowers June-August. Height 1.2m (4'). Half hardy perennial. Decorative type. Tuber size Grade 1.

    5 Tubers
  2. Dahlia Tubers - Fleurel

    Dahlia Tubers - Fleurel

    Loads of massive dinner-plate type flowers up to 25cm across. Flowers August-early November. Height 1-1.5m (3'3"-5'). Decorative type.

    2 Tubers
  3. Dahlia Tubers - Kelvin Floodlight

    Dahlia Tubers - Kelvin Floodlight

    …to this beauty! With huge 'dinner-plate' yellow flowers, the aptly named 'Floodlight' will brighten your garden for months! Large flowered (dinner plate), decorative type. Eye-catching plants for borders or…

    2 Tubers
Showing 3 product(s)