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Double Tulips

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  1. Tulip (Double) Bulbs - Belle Epoque

    Tulip (Double) Bulbs - Belle Epoque

    Stunning double tulip in nostalgic shades of pale copper through to apricot with a hint of mulberry and peony type blooms in mid to late spring. A great contrast variety to go with the dark Paul Scherer or sunny…

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  2. Tulip Bulbs - Redwood

    Tulip Bulbs - Redwood

    The vibrant red, satiny petals packed tightly into the double blooms of this outstanding variety are only one part of its attraction. It can produce up to three or four flowers on every stem, creating a truly dramatic…

    10 Bulbs
  3. Tulip Bulbs - Mount Tacoma (Double Late)

    Tulip Bulbs - Mount Tacoma (Double Late)

    A very old tulip variety that has deservedly remained a firm favourite through the years. The buds are pink and green, but the long-lasting double flowers open to a creamy white. The flowers are quite tough and are…

    10 Bulbs
  4. Tulip (Double) Bulbs - Orange Princess

    Tulip (Double) Bulbs - Orange Princess

    An award-winning tulip, which is a double form of the popular Princess Irene. Its sturdy stems support bowl-shaped flowers whose rich orange petals are flamed garnet-red, sometimes yellowish at the base and often…

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  5. Tulip (Early Double) Bulbs - Brownie

    Tulip (Early Double) Bulbs - Brownie

    Striking bronze coloured tulip with short strong stems and a great contrast colour for tulip White Prince. Flowers March-early April. Height 30-40cm. Bulb size 11/12cm.

    10 Bulbs
  6. Bellis Seeds - Giant-Flowered Mixed

    Bellis Seeds - Giant-Flowered Mixed

    These bright, glowing flowers will brighten up the dullest spring day in shades of crimson, rose, salmon together with white. You just have to have these flowering with tulips in spring! Easily grown plants for edging and…

    Average Seeds 700
  7. Gerbera Plants - Cartwheel Strawberry Twist

    Gerbera Plants - Cartwheel Strawberry Twist

    …decades, and their popularity continues to grow. Today, they are one of the five most popular flowers (behind roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips). They've become a multi-purpose plant, and are coveted for…

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