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  1. Sambucus nigra Plant - Golden Tower

    Sambucus nigra Plant - Golden Tower

    …in your garden, look no further than Sambucus nigra 'Golden Tower'. This unusual variety will quickly grow straight up, without the usual branching out habit of other elderberries, forming a tall and relatively…

    Despatch from August 2020 1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
    From £18.99
  2. Hedgerow Apothecary

    Hedgerow Apothecary

    Discover how to make delicious preserves, healing balms, soothing toddies and cures for colds with nature's jewels such as rose hips, elderberries and mugwort. With photographs to help you safely identify edible plants,…

    Delivery within 7 days Hardback Book
Showing 2 product(s)