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Electric Propagator

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  1. Garland Super 7 Electric Propagator Save 18%

    Garland Super 7 Electric Propagator

    …to provide the constant gentle heat required to successfully rear seedlings on a windowsill indoors, the Garland Super 7 propagator comes with seven mini propagating trays and vented lids to allow great…

    Delivery within 7 days
    £29.99 Was £36.99
  2. One Top Electric Propagator Save 4%

    One Top Electric Propagator

    Compact electric propagator featuring 10 watt heated base (lead length 132cm/52" when plug in). Ideal for seeds and cuttings. Features injection moulded growing tray and crystal clear high dome vented cover to create…

    Delivery within 7 days Electric Propagator with 12 FREE POTS
    £23.99 Was £24.99
  3. Big 3 Electric Propagator

    Big 3 Electric Propagator

    …vented propagating trays offering a huge propagating area. Provides a constant, automatically controlled temperature, evenly distributed throughout, to keep the compost at the optimum temperature for most…

    Delivery within 7 days
  4. Propagator Kit Save 45%

    Propagator Kit

    All your propagating needs in one kit. Comprises: One Top Electric Propagator (lead length 132cm/52" when plug in), 3 medium growing on trays (54 x 8cm pots), 30 white labels, propagator thermometer,…

    Delivery within 7 days Propagator Kit
    £29.99 Was £54.93
Showing 4 product(s)