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  1. Petunia Seeds - Tidal Wave Red Velour F1

    Petunia Seeds - Tidal Wave Red Velour F1

    …in a 40-60cm diameter container for massive trails of colour! Flowers June-September. Height 21-30cm. HHA - Half hardy annual.Large 5-5.5cm diameter flowers of deep velvet redFor walls, fences, groundcover or…

    Average Seeds 20
  2. Salvia splendens Seeds - Firecracker

    Salvia splendens Seeds - Firecracker

    A real favourite with gardeners who like their bedding schemes. Bright scarlet flower spikes on dark leaved, compact plants. Long flowering period. Looks really good grown with blue ageratum. RHS Perfect For…

    Average Seeds 100
  3. Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    …types,Mojave has a dwarf somewhat spreading habit and the flower production is such that the plants become covered in bloom. The bright red blooms contrast well with the dark green foliage. The rate of flower

    Average Seeds 35
  4. Ageratum Seeds - Blue Mink

    Ageratum Seeds - Blue Mink

    Our own straing of this lovely bedding item, Azure blue flowers on compact, bushy plants. Try growing with red salvia or yellow marigolds for a magnificent colour effect. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. HHA - Half-hardy annual…

    Average Seeds 800
  5. Sunflower Seeds - Big Smile

    Sunflower Seeds - Big Smile

    …to grow. Fast to flower in as little as 60 days, this attractive dwarf variety is ideal for pots and border growing. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Grown in a pot the height is liable to be around 38cm (15"); in the…

    Average Seeds 25
  6. Achillea Seeds - Ptarmica Noblessa

    Achillea Seeds - Ptarmica Noblessa

    A beautiful first year flowering perennial, bearing masses of double, white, globe-shaped flowers from mid-late summer. Ideal for borders, it also makes a superb bedding plant! Height 30cm (12"). HP - Hardy perennial…

    Average Seeds 90
  7. Zinnia Seeds - Dobies Dahlia-Flowered Mixed

    Zinnia Seeds - Dobies Dahlia-Flowered Mixed

    Dobies own selection of these stunning flowers. Grow these statuesque beauties and you will see the reason for the name they do resemble dahlias. Plants produce enormous blooms in a wide array of colours. For borders or…

    Average Seeds 100
  8. Sweet Pea Seeds - Winston Churchill

    Sweet Pea Seeds - Winston Churchill

    A sweet pea that has stood the test of time. Delicately scented, large fluted, crimson flowers. Height 1.8m (6'). HHA/HA - Half hardy annual/Hardy annual. Scent Key - 1.

    Average Seeds 25
  9. Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    …from seed! This filler plant is the ideal foil for larger-flowered items, and a good hardy alternative to trailing lobelia, with a cascading/trailing growth habit and masses of mauvish-blue flowers all summer…

    20 Pellets
  10. Comfrey Seeds

    Comfrey Seeds

    Average Seeds 50
  11. Marigold (French) Seeds - Honeycomb

    Marigold (French) Seeds - Honeycomb

    flower colour for hot summer days. Looks super with blue ageratum. Bold flowers 5-6.5cm (2-2") across open mahogany-red edged gold and soon turn to orange, marked bronze at the base of each petal. Height 20…

    Average Seeds 140
  12. Sweet Pea Seeds - Rob's Perfect Summer

    Sweet Pea Seeds - Rob's Perfect Summer

    …rose, or up the side of an evergreen bush to add colour and scent. Height 1.5-2m (5-66).Rob's Spillers - Spillers can either fall away from the main arrangement down the sides, or they can spike up and out of the…

    Average Seeds 25
  13. Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Toby says: "A native South African plant bearing glistening white, daisy-like flowers. The robust, drought-tolerant plants are ideal for borders, rockeries and dry stone walls." Flowers June-September. Height 30cm …

    Average Seeds 85
  14. Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

    Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

    …species such as common poppy and cornflower. Will provide a splash of colour with minimal effort and prove beneficial for many pollinators. Can be utilised as a one-year 'filler'. Suited to planting in domestic flower<…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  15. Gaillardia Seeds - Primavera Bicolour

    Gaillardia Seeds - Primavera Bicolour

    Vibrant, large, golden yellow and magenta flowers characterise this impressive variety. Plants become smothered in blooms and plants flower to the summers end. A versatile brightly coloured item for borders and…

    Average 80 seeds
  16. Brachyscome Seeds - Bravo Mixed

    Brachyscome Seeds - Bravo Mixed

    Originating from Australia, this lovely annual, with its daisy-like flowers, becomes a feast of colour in the summer months. Flowers in shades of purple and blue together with white are produced in profusion. For…

    Average Seeds 90
  17. Gazania Seeds - Promise Mixed

    Gazania Seeds - Promise Mixed

    Specially bred so that its flowers stay open longer during the day and in poorer light. Excellent strain of large flowered blooms in bright shades including plain flowers and bi-colours on dark, glossy green…

    Average Seeds 35
  18. Aubrieta Seeds - Spring Charm Mixed

    Aubrieta Seeds - Spring Charm Mixed

    Perfect for perennial borders, rockeries or tumbling over a garden wall. This large flowered trailing strain comes in flower shades of lavender, lilac, rose and carmine. Lovely in combination with the yellow of…

    Average Seeds 650
  19. Cosmos Seeds - Apollo

    Cosmos Seeds - Apollo

    …profusion of 10cm (4) enchantingly, ice white flowers with a golden centre, supported on sturdy, long stems. This cottage garden favourite is also suitable to grow in containers due to its compact habit and loves…

    Average Seeds 25
  20. Coreopsis Seeds - Incredible Mixed

    Coreopsis Seeds - Incredible Mixed

    …by nature! This mix boasts the widest range of colours available, and the flowers have contrasting dark centres. The tall, open plants sway in the breeze, and the flowers are ideal for cutting. Height 1.2m (4…

    Average Seeds 80
  21. Cobaea Scandens Seeds

    Cobaea Scandens Seeds

    A fast growing climber with large, bell-shaped, violet-blue flowers. Under glass, the plant is perennial. For outdoor use, treat as a half hardy annual. HHP - Half hardy perennial. Height up to 300cm (10'). RHS Award of…

    13 Seeds
  22. Angelonia Seeds - Serena Mix

    Angelonia Seeds - Serena Mix

    Try this summer-long performer in borders or containers on the patio or in the conservatory. The 2cm diameter blooms open gradually along the flower spikes giving weeks of colour from every spike. In shades of blue, purple,…

    20 Seeds
  23. Eschscholzia Seeds - Thai Silk Mixed

    Eschscholzia Seeds - Thai Silk Mixed

    Beautiful, full, double or semi-double flowers with attractive ruffled petals in brightly coloured shades on dark green, finely cut foliage. A queen among poppies and as easy to grow as you can get. RHS Award of Garden…

    Average Seeds 400
  24. Night-Scented Phlox Seeds

    Night-Scented Phlox Seeds

    Delicious, honey-like scent identifies this lovely addition to the garden with its late evening fragrance worth staying up for! They even make the butterflies and bees into party goers! Why not try growing instead of Night…

    Average Seeds 200
  25. Aster Seeds - Milady Mixed

    Aster Seeds - Milady Mixed

    An aster that thinks it's a chrysanthemum! Beautiful incurved, double 'chrysanth-like' flowers on compact, bushy plants. A real quality aster in a host of colours, suitable for containers or bedding. HHA - Half hardy annual…

    Average Seeds 180
  26. Cosmos Seeds - Xanthos

    Cosmos Seeds - Xanthos

    A unique new colour soft yellow flowers on compact, bushy plants. It comes into bloom early and lasts all summer, is ideal for borders or containers, and makes a lovely cut flower too. A well deserved Fleuroselect…

    Average Seeds 65
  27. Antirrhinum Seeds - Reminiscent Mixed F1

    Antirrhinum Seeds - Reminiscent Mixed F1

    …by the breeder because of its unique lemon scent, this bushy, upright variety boasts upward-facing flowers in a host of unusual colours. Ideal for bedding or containers, with a longer flowering period than…

    Average Seeds 140
  28. Cornflower Seeds - Blue Diadem

    Cornflower Seeds - Blue Diadem

    Cornflowers really should be grown in every garden. They not only attract bees by the dozen, they also give you hundreds of beautiful flowers. If you dead head one flower, you get two in its place! That is how…

    Average Seeds 190
  29. Thunbergia Alata Seeds -Susie

    Thunbergia Alata Seeds -Susie

    The Black-eyed-Susan plant, so named because of the prominent eye in the centre of the flowers. A mixture of orange and yellow shades together with white. Free-flowering and colourful. GA - Greenhouse annual. Climbing.Easy…

    Average Seeds 25
  30. Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Tall, graceful plants with large, white, tubular flowers. Utter perfumed bliss on a summer evening around the patio. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 75cm (2'). HHA - Half-hardy annual. (Affinis - Sweet-scented Tobacco).

    Average Seeds 1700
  31. Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Ladybird

    Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Ladybird

    …ladybird spotted, yellow flowers. An excellent trailing, ground cover plant, perfect for both baskets and to cover the ground with a burst of colour!A great plant to attract beneficial insects to your garden or veg…

    Average Content 25 seeds
  32. Mirabilis Seeds - Marbles Mixed

    Mirabilis Seeds - Marbles Mixed

    You'll be amazed by these beautiful striped bicoloured flowers. The fragrant blooms open in the evenings and they open until the following morning. Height 60-90cm (24-36"). Best grown as HHA - Half hardy annual.Plants Average Seeds 25

  33. Fragrant Flowers Mix Seeds

    Fragrant Flowers Mix Seeds

    In this seed mix there are over 30 native species of wildflower of which many species are known for their fragrance. The aroma can often be released by crushing the leaves of plants whereas some flowers release…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  34. Dobies Premium Lawn Seed

    Dobies Premium Lawn Seed

    Up to 30% greater coverage than conventional lawn seed! Self-repairs in just 7-10 days! Rhizomes and stolons on the roots multiply to create a strong mesh which fuels each blade of grass to regenerate, allowing damaged…

    625g x 1
    From £9.99
  35. Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    The Cobnut type squash is now one of our top selling vegetables, courtesy of exposure in the supermarkets and TV Chef recipes. Up until now though trailing plant habits have required considerable room in the garden. Enter a…

    8 Seeds
  36. Bean (Broad) Seeds - Crimson Flowered

    Bean (Broad) Seeds - Crimson Flowered

    …few remaining seeds were donated to the Heritage Seed Library in 1978. These extremely pretty, red to purple flowered broad beans not only produce multi-stemmed plants but each flower is also…

    Average seed content 50
  37. Cat Grass Seeds

    Cat Grass Seeds

    Why cats love this tasty oat grass is not certain but love it they do! Be it for vitamins, fibre, to assist in fur ball elimination or whether its just a craving, they adore chewing on the young shoots. Easy to grow in a tray…

    Average Seeds 700
  38. Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    …says: These peas could be mistaken for an ornamental if you grow them in your borders - the beautiful purple flowers can rival any sweet pea. But the real beauty of Blaushokker is the seed pods - they are…

    Average Seeds 100
  39. Agastache Seeds - Liquorice Blue

    Agastache Seeds - Liquorice Blue

    A real must to attract the butterflies and bees! Plangts have attractive flower spikes, ideal for garden display or cutting and the added benefit of liquorice scented foliage. Will grow in the poorest of soils. Height 60…

    Average seeds 90
  40. Gypsophila Seeds - Elegans Alba, Covent Garden Strain

    Gypsophila Seeds - Elegans Alba, Covent Garden Strain

    Know someone getting married? Heres an easily grown item for the bouquets or for cut flower decoration. Sow this easy to grow annual direct outdoors. As a cut flower, goes superbly well with sweet peas. RHS Perfect…

    Average Seeds 1250
  41. Lavatera trimestris (Organic) Seeds

    Lavatera trimestris (Organic) Seeds

    …large border with a dazzling display of glistening colour. Tall, wide, sturdy plants bear large, showy blooms in shades of rose, pink and white throughout the summer. The large bushy plants produce giant trumpet-like Average Packet Content 100 seeds

  42. Rudbeckia Seeds - Cappuccino

    Rudbeckia Seeds - Cappuccino

    Some plants really have the 'wow' factor and this is one of them! Huge flowers of golden yellow with a burnt orange centre to the petals. Well branched, heat and drought tolerant plants. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height…

    Average Seeds 70
  43. Flowering Mixture Seeds - Butterfly and Bee Mix

    Flowering Mixture Seeds - Butterfly and Bee Mix

    …on the roadside verges abroad, which are now increasingly being used by highway agencies over here. Sow Mar-Jun to flower Jun-Oct. P.S. 15cm (6). Each packet contains sufficient seed to sow an area of 1sq. m…

  44. Honesty Seeds - Mixed

    Honesty Seeds - Mixed

    A lovely plant for the garden whose purple and white flowers form flat, silvery seed heads, so favoured for winter dried flower decorations. Height 60cm (2'). HP - Hardy perennial.

    Average Seeds 60
  45. Nemesia Seeds - Carnival

    Nemesia Seeds - Carnival

    Extra large flowers of bronze, scarlet, crimson, cerise, rose-pink, orange, primrose and white. Height 23-30cm (9-12"). HHA - Half-hardy annual. You will get vibrant colours from these popular bedding plants in sun or semi…

    Average Seeds 850
  46. Marigold (French) Seeds - Boy 0'Boy Mixed

    Marigold (French) Seeds - Boy 0'Boy Mixed

    Simply the best dwarf, fully double marigold. This really is an appropriate name for such a stunning variety. Large double heads over 5cm (2) in diameter. Impressive grown as an edging or in drifts. Height 13cm (5); spread 15-20cm…

    Average Seeds 160
    From £2.99
  47. Flowering Carrot Seed - Dara

    Flowering Carrot Seed - Dara

    …attractive plant that will re-bloom for months, giving you attractive flowers which will open white, change to soft pink and finally change to rich red/purple. Sow March-April outdoors for flowers June…

    Average Seeds 40
  48. Flowering Mixture Seeds - Fragrant Mix

    Flowering Mixture Seeds - Fragrant Mix

    …on the roadside verges abroad, which are now increasingly being used by highway agencies over here. Sow Mar-Jun to flower Jun-Oct. P.S. 15cm (6). Each packet contains sufficient seed to sow an area of 1sq. m…

  49. Flowering Mixture Seeds - Perennial Mix

    Flowering Mixture Seeds - Perennial Mix

    …increasingly being used by highway agencies over here. Sow Mar-Jun to flower Jun-Oct. P.S. 15cm (6). Each packet contains sufficient seed to sow an area of 1sq. m.Maybe you have a border you would like to…

  50. Flowering Mixture Seeds - Shade Mix

    Flowering Mixture Seeds - Shade Mix

    …on the roadside verges abroad, which are now increasingly being used by highway agencies over here. Sow Mar-Jun to flower Jun-Oct. P.S. 15cm (6). Each packet contains sufficient seed to sow an area of 1sq. m…

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