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Fruit Seeds

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  1. Pepper Seeds - Mohawk F1

    Pepper Seeds - Mohawk F1

    A naturally dwarf, semi-trailing variety, producing a good crop of small, blocky, tasty fruit. Perfect for containers on a sunny patio, or even on a well lit windowsill.

    8 Seeds
  2. Cape Gooseberry Seeds

    Cape Gooseberry Seeds

    Exotic fruits for the greenhouse or sunny patio. Branching plants that can attain 180cm (6') in height, producing masses of fruits that are ready to harvest when calyces have changed from green to golden brown (if…

    Average Seeds 300
  3. Watermelon Seeds - Rosario F1

    Watermelon Seeds - Rosario F1

    This excellent early maturing watermelon produces 3-4kg (7-9 lb) dark green fruits with sweet, juicy, succulent, dark pinkish-red flesh. Tolerant to mildew, fusarium and anthracnose.

    6 Seeds
  4. Tomato Seeds - Red Currant

    Tomato Seeds - Red Currant

    Rob says: Solanum pimpernelifolium produces tiny fruits, hence the name. Its a different species from your common garden tomato and its hardly changed since it was found growing wild on a Peruvian beach in 1707. The plants…

    Average Seeds 30
  5. Tomato Seeds - Lizzano F1

    Tomato Seeds - Lizzano F1

    …equally at home grown in a sunny spot in the garden or in a large container. The fruit, produced in large quantities, is large cherry sized, deep red in colour and exceptionally sweet. (Bush variety - very easy to…

    8 Seeds
  6. Tomato Seeds - Gardener's Delight

    Tomato Seeds - Gardener's Delight

    'Bite-sized' fruits packed with rich, sweet flavour. Heavy crops borne on long trusses. Can be grown either as a bush or as a single stem. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Greenhouse or outdoors. Sow end January-April,…

    Average Seeds 100
  7. Pepper Chilli Seeds - Romital F1

    Pepper Chilli Seeds - Romital F1

    Produces a good crop of little, elongated, horn-shaped fruits, up to 15cm (6") in length. The smooth, glossy fruits turn from green to a vivid red, and are very easy to dry. Approximately 100,000-150,000SHU (measured…

    8 Seeds
  8. Gourd Seeds - Small-Fruited Mixed

    Gourd Seeds - Small-Fruited Mixed

    …Grow them on a trellis or trailing over walls or just as ground cover in the garden to produce a wide range of fruit in different shapes and colours. Fancy some fascinating fruits in many shapes, sizes and…

    Average Seeds 45
  9. Strawberry Seeds - Temptation F1

    Strawberry Seeds - Temptation F1

    …containers. A delicious traditional strawberry with medium sized fruit. Strawberry Temptation is an everbearing variety that will produce a steady supply of bright red fruit throughout the growing season. It…

    Average Seeds 40
  10. Tomato Plants - Grow Bag Collection Save 37%

    Tomato Plants - Grow Bag Collection

    …winner.Alicante - An excellent crop of medium-sized, fleshy fruit. Succeeds well in soil, or grow bags, under glass or outdoors. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Marmande - A superb continental outdoor variety,…

    9 Super Plugs (3 of each variety)
    From £14.99 Was £23.97
  11. Tomato Seeds - Ailsa Craig

    Tomato Seeds - Ailsa Craig

    Popular and reliable tomato seeds with medium-sized fruits of fine shape and flavour. Ideal for greenhouse and outdoor growing. Medium fruited variety - an essential element of your summer salads!(Cordon…

    Average Seeds 40
  12. Tomato Seeds - Alicante

    Tomato Seeds - Alicante

    …well and reliably. Early to mature and free from Greenback, the smooth red fruit is of splendid quality. Ideal for both greenhouse and outdoor growing. Recommended for exhibition. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.…

    Average Seeds 80
  13. Tomato Seeds - Faworyt

    Tomato Seeds - Faworyt

    A compact-growing beefsteak tomato which performed remarkably in our trials, producing large fruit up to 0.4 kg (14 oz) in weight! The pink flesh is delicious and contains few seeds, making it perfect for salads or…

    Average Seeds 40
  14. Cucumber Seeds - Dar

    Cucumber Seeds - Dar

    …as a pickling cucumber. The plants can be grown almost anywhere as they are a bush type cucumber with vines that only reach 45cm long, perfect for pots or in the open. The fruit is shorter than a regular cucumber,…

    Average seed content 25
  15. Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    …of dark green, cylindrical fruits from July onwards. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Outdoor variety.Rob says: Once you see the tiny cucumbers on the plant, water with tomato food every week. The cucumber wont…

    Average Seeds 25
  16. Tomato Seeds - Garnet

    Tomato Seeds - Garnet

    Toby says: Huge yields of tasty cherry fruits are a distinctive reddish-orange, with dark green shoulders, growing on long, elegant trusses. Fruits ripen uniformly with heavy yields of up to 150 flavourful cherries…

    15 Seeds
  17. Pepper Seeds - Snackbite (Mini Pepper)

    Pepper Seeds - Snackbite (Mini Pepper)

    …snack-sized sweet peppers, so sweet you will hardly know it's a pepper. Impressive when spread on a plate for parties and a great healthy snack for kids! The compact fruits contain few seeds. Ideal as a patio…

    6 Seeds
  18. Squash Seeds - Honeyboat

    Squash Seeds - Honeyboat

    …squash. Its more productive too. First introduced in 1894, Honeyboat can be left to crawl over the floor or trained up a frame, or wires. The fruits are super sweet with firm, deep orange flesh, the ideal size to…

    6 seeds
  19. Tomato Seeds - Moneymaker

    Tomato Seeds - Moneymaker

    Well known for reliably producing heavy crops. Large trusses of medium-sized fruit. Ideal for greenhouse or outdoor growing. An essential element of your summer salads!(Cordon variety - one stem grown by pinching off side…

    Average Seeds 70
  20. Tomato Seeds - Red Alert

    Tomato Seeds - Red Alert

    fruiting tomatoes and a popular outdoor bush variety. Ideal for border or container growing and requires no support. The sweet, tasty fruit should be ready to pick just three months from sowing! Best grown…

    Average Seeds 35
  21. Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - Marketmore

    Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - Marketmore

    Attractive dark green cylindrical fruit up to 20cm in length. Continuous high yield throughout the season. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus.

    Average Packet Content 24 seeds
  22. Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

    Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

    High-yielding over a long season. Dark green fruit with crisp white flesh. Recommended for deep freezing. Maturing time approximately 12 weeks from sowing.

    12 seeds
  23. Tomato Seeds - Tumbler F1

    Tomato Seeds - Tumbler F1

    …hanging baskets and containers on the patio, producing up to 4kg (9 lb) of delicious fruit in a single season! Grow one plant per 35cm (14") hanging basket. Prefect for growing outdoors.(Bush variety - very easy to…

    8 Seeds
  24. Pumpkin Seeds - Orbit F1

    Pumpkin Seeds - Orbit F1

    A semi-buish variety better suited to small spaces, so ideal for modern gardens. The bright orange, quick maturing, fruit are delicious to eat, and perfect for Halloween. Fruits weigh 6-8 lbs and store well in a dry…

    10 Seeds
  25. Tomato Seeds - Heinz 1370

    Tomato Seeds - Heinz 1370

    …beautiful, bright red fruit. Weighing around 100-170g (4-6oz) each, this small 90-120cm (3-4) plant is a real producer. So much so, you may need to stake the branches to stop the masses of fruit bending them!…

    15 Seeds
  26. Squash Seeds - Sunburst F1

    Squash Seeds - Sunburst F1

    A compact squash producing a heavy crop of small yellow-skinned fruits with a distinctive 'nutty' taste. Cut the fruit at 3.5cm (1") diameter. Eat raw or lightly steamed. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Mini Veg…

    12 Seeds
  27. Melon Seeds - Emir F1

    Melon Seeds - Emir F1

    Smooth pale greenish yellow fruits about 11.5cm (4") in diameter, with firm salmon-pink flesh; aromatic and very sweet. More tolerant of low temperatures than most cantaloupe varieties so will bear fruit even in cool…

    12 Seeds
  28. Squash Seeds - Queensland Blue

    Squash Seeds - Queensland Blue

    …squash produces attractive, steel-blue fruit weighing 3-5kg each. The vining plants will happily cover a bed and produce several turban type squashes with deep ribbing. Not only does the bright orange flesh have a…

    15 Seeds
  29. Melon Seeds - Edgar F1

    Melon Seeds - Edgar F1

    Professional seed used by commercial melon growers, vigorous plants which produce fruit early in the season.Naturally resistant to powdery mildew and aphids. These plants are very adaptable and will grow well in a…

    6 seeds
  30. Tomato Seeds - Ruby Falls

    Tomato Seeds - Ruby Falls

    …plants are very productive, producing large, cherry-sized fruit which are deep red in colour, with green striping which fades as the fruit ripens. Each truss is held away from the plants and it makes picking…

    15 Seeds
  31. Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Alicante

    Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Alicante

    An early cropper with uniform fruits of good flavour. Good resistance to mildew and greenback.

    Average Packet Content 40 seeds
  32. Aubergine Seeds - Ophelia F1

    Aubergine Seeds - Ophelia F1

    A compact aubergine that's ideal for container growing, bearing clusters of delicious, glossy, dark purple fruits throughout summer.

    6 Seeds
  33. Tomato Seeds - Giulietta F1

    Tomato Seeds - Giulietta F1

    Bred by our own group this large fruited Italian plum variety performed superbly on last years trials. The fruits set well, even under cool conditions and are juicy and delicious. High yields and a good range of…

    8 Seeds
  34. Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

    Large numbers of fruit, 8-10cm (3-4") long, borne in compact multiple clusters close to the main stem, with little side branching. Can be grown outdoors in many areas if planted through black polythene to keep the roots…

    4 Seeds
  35. Tomato Seeds - Incas F1

    Tomato Seeds - Incas F1

    …to Verticillium and Fusarium Wilt. Ideal for greenhouse or outdoor growing. Large fruited (Bush) variety. Sow mid February-April, harvest July-October. Recommended to produce large thick slices for sandwiches,…

    Average Seeds 30
  36. Cucumber Seeds - White Wonder

    Cucumber Seeds - White Wonder

    …gorgeous little crunchy white cucumber took some finding. It was first sent to an American seed company back in 1890, from a gentleman in New York. It forms ivory white, 15-20cm long, fat, oval fruits, with a…

    Average Seeds 25
  37. Pepper Seeds - Jumbo F1

    Pepper Seeds - Jumbo F1

    Certainly the biggest pepper we've ever grown, with giant fruits up to 10x20cm (4x8") in size, starting green and turning to an attractive dark red. Excellent flavour; ideal for stuffing, for slicing, for salads or the…

    6 Seeds
  38. Aubergine Seeds - Bonica F1

    Aubergine Seeds - Bonica F1

    Large, shiny purple, oval aubergines are produced very early on plants of compact, bushy habit. The fruits 'set' well. High yield. Suitable for patio containers. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

    20 Seeds
  39. Marrow Seeds - Bush Baby

    Marrow Seeds - Bush Baby

    A bush habit 'baby marrow' variety producing fruits about three quarters the size of a normal marrow. Perfect for patio containers, it's a prolific cropper and is delicious-tasting too.

    15 Seeds
  40. Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    A teardrop-shaped Japanese Hubbard type squash. Its easy to grow and boasts a wonderful sweet and nutty flavour. Uchiki Kuri will easily set around four 1.5kg fruits per semi trailing plant. The hardy, drought-tolerant…

    10 Seeds
  41. Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

    An 'All female' type mini cucumber with good resistance to Powdery Mildew, Mosaic Virus and Downy Mildew. Heavy crops of crisp, delicious, smooth, dark green fruits about 15cm (6") long. Mini cucumber variety. Maturing time…

    8 Seeds - Bulk Pack
  42. Courgette Seeds - Tosca F1

    Courgette Seeds - Tosca F1

    One of the latest, highest yielding courgettes, yet bushy and compact-growing, producing delicious, shiny, dark green fruits approximately 18-22cm (7-8") in length. Tolerance to Powdery Mildew makes it suitable for later…

    20 Seeds - Bulk Pack
  43. Tomato Seeds - Cossack F1

    Tomato Seeds - Cossack F1

    Tasty and high yielding. Resistant to TMV, Fusarium and Cladosporium. Ideal for greenhouse and outdoor growing. Medium fruited variety - an essential element of your summer salads!(Cordon variety - One stem grown by…

    Average Seeds 100
  44. Marigold (French) Seeds - Defender

    Marigold (French) Seeds - Defender

    …keep the beasties away, helping your vegetables perform to their full potential. Encourages pollinators which not only help increase yields of fruiting crops but most feed on common veg-patch pests such as aphids…

    Average Seeds 150
  45. Courgette Seeds - Orelia F1

    Courgette Seeds - Orelia F1

    A golden yellow courgette, producing delicious and attractive 12-18cm (5-7") fruits. Vigorous-growing and heavy-cropping. Good sliced in stir-fries and barbecue kebabs. Maturing time from sowing approximately 12 weeks.

    10 Seeds
  46. Cucumber Seeds - Telegraph Improved

    Cucumber Seeds - Telegraph Improved

    An improved strain of this well known and reliable cucumber with smooth-skinned, good-sized fruits. Recommended for exhibition. Long variety. Greenhouse or Frame. Maturing time approximately 12 weeks from sowing.

    9 seeds
  47. Cucumber Seeds - Greenfit F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Greenfit F1

    A heavy-cropping 'All Female' variety. Produces vigorous plants bearing heavy crops of long, slightly ribbed, high quality, bitter-free fruits. The most reliable cucumber variety for unheated greenhouses. Harvest July…

    6 Seeds
  48. Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - Muncher

    Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - Muncher

    Smooth medium green fruits, 23-30cm long and up to 8cm in diameter, grown on strong and vigorous vines, which need support. Tender, burpless and not bitter. Great in soups and fresh in salads. Resistant to cucumber mosaic…

    Average Packet Content 28 seeds
  49. Datura Seeds - Ballerina Mixed

    Datura Seeds - Ballerina Mixed

    …facing flowers, this lovely variety has upward facing, semi-double blooms that show their beauty off to perfection and are followed by ornamental fruits. Add then an enchanting fragrance from the blooms and your…

    10 Seeds
  50. Tomato Seeds - Apero F1

    Tomato Seeds - Apero F1

    …far the finest-tasting cherry tomato on our trials (and a top-seller in the best supermarkets), with good yields of rich red, slightly elongated fruit. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Sow end January-April,…

    8 Seeds
  51. Tomato Seeds - Sungold F1

    Tomato Seeds - Sungold F1

    A vigorous-growing, sweet-flavoured tomato, providing an abundance of orange, cherry-sized fruit. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. For greenhouse or outdoors. Sow end January-April, harvest June-September. (Cordon variety …

    10 Seeds
  52. Tomato Seeds - Fantasio F1

    Tomato Seeds - Fantasio F1

    …by our own group, we have found good tolerance to Tomato Blight over several years. A superbly flavoured tomato, bearing a prolific crop of medium/large fruit, each up to 200g (lb) in weight. (Cordon variety - One…

    Average Seeds 20
  53. Tomato Seeds - Apero F1

    Tomato Seeds - Apero F1

    …far the finest-tasting cherry tomato on our trials (and a top-seller in the best supermarkets), with good yields of rich red, slightly elongated fruit. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Sow end January-April,…

    16 Seeds - Bulk Pack
  54. Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

    Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

    Superb glistening green fruit, which turn red on maturity, are clustered around a compact central stem. Ideal for pots, tubs, growing bags or garden planting. Recommended for deep freezing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.…

    8 seeds
  55. Tomato Seeds - Little Sun Yellow F1

    Tomato Seeds - Little Sun Yellow F1

    Compact plants with bright yellow fruit, tasty with good acidity.Little Sun may need support when fruit begins to mature or allow to cascade over the edge of a pot or container.The bright yellow fruits

    15 seeds
  56. Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - F1 Paska

    Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - F1 Paska

    …"greenhouse" type cucumber that you can actually grow outdoors (provided the position is not too exposed). Medium-short fruited (22-25cm). Parthenocarpic means it sets fruit without pollination which means…

    Packet Content 6 Seeds
  57. Tomato Seeds - Crimson Cocktail F1

    Tomato Seeds - Crimson Cocktail F1

    …tomato that's resistant to early and late blight and a new addition to the 'Crimson Family'.Cocktail sized fruit is ideal to grow outside or in a tunnel or greenhouse.Excellent flavour with a good balance of…

    10 seeds
  58. Pepper Seeds - Yellow Bell F1

    Pepper Seeds - Yellow Bell F1

    The large, bright-yellow fruit of this delicious pepper have very thick, sweet flesh, and can reach weights of 250g. Great stuffed or cooked on the barbecue. Harvest June-October. Sweet pepper.

    6 Seeds
  59. Pepper Chilli Seeds - Scotch Bonnet

    Pepper Chilli Seeds - Scotch Bonnet

    One of the hottest varieties you can grow! The short, bushy plants produce a good crop of globular red fruit that are absolutely perfect for fiery salsas and sauces! 350,000-400,000 SHU rating (SHU - Scoville heat units)…

    12 Seeds
  60. Melon Seeds - Petit Gris de Rennes

    Melon Seeds - Petit Gris de Rennes

    A heritage variety that goes back centuries, this fruit has a sweet flavour that we cant get enough of. Well suited to cooler climates, this melon grows well indoors and in containers. Harvest August-mid October. Height…

    12 Seeds
Showing 60 product(s)