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Garden Digging Fork

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  1. Backsaver Spade

    Backsaver Spade

    We all know that digging can be a back-breaking chore. Constant bending to pick up soil and turn it gives you backache, so we have found a new version of the Wolf Terrex Autospade to help. This ingenious tool (popular in…

  2. Greenman Digging Fork

    Greenman Digging Fork

    …shed, this range of stylish and exceedingly well made tools not only look beautiful, but will perform superbly too. They have been built with the gardener in mind, the way tools used to be in years gone by, before…

  3. Long Handled Digging Fork

    Long Handled Digging Fork

    Long Handled Digging Fork
  4. Hand Fork (Radius Tools)

    Hand Fork (Radius Tools)

    This robust hand fork with its unique curved handle allows the gardener to drive the tines straight into the ground with no wrist stress. Ideal for loosening the soil and digging out root vegetables. Length…

    Hand Fork
    From £16.99
  5. Gardener's Cutlery Set

    Gardener's Cutlery Set

    This set of shovel and fork-shaped cake forks and spoons makes a fantastic fun gift. Includes a recipe for making chocolate 'soil' and will be great for 'digging in' to cakes and desserts this Christmas! Set of four,…

    Set of 4
  6. Field Shef - 90cm Ash Handle Save 50%

    Field Shef - 90cm Ash Handle

    …the Field Shef at the Chelsea Flower Show 2018 - a hybrid of a spade and fork, designed to transform labour into a pleasant exercise for gardeners! Easily cut roots or divide shrubs with the inside radius of…

    90cm Ash Handle
    £68.49 Was £136.99
Showing 7 product(s)