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Garden Tool Bag

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  1. Garden Tool Truck

    Garden Tool Truck

    Convenient for storing and moving a variety of garden tools. Two sizes of tool clips that rotate and slide to fit all tools. Removable plastic basket. Fixed front wheels and swivel rear wheels with foot…

    Delivery within 21 days Tool Truck
  2. Kent and Stowe Garden Bag Save 20%

    Kent and Stowe Garden Bag

    This luxury Garden Bag combines style and practicality and features a large interior and multiple side pockets. Made from durable canvas, it is ideal for carrying your garden tools and accessories…

    Delivery within 7 days Garden Bag
    £19.99 Was £24.99
  3. Scooper (Radius Tools)

    Scooper (Radius Tools)

    This extra-wide scooping trowel features a wide, sharp front blade great for shallow digging or scooping large volumes of material from the ground or bags. The serrated edges will cut through roots or easily open bagged<…

    Delivery within 7 days Scooper
  4. Cobra BV2600 Electric Powered Blower Vacuum Save 10%

    Cobra BV2600 Electric Powered Blower Vacuum

    …large 45 litre collection bag. This model has a high 270 km/h airspeed & quick change blow to vac. Every Cobra blower vac has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for the changing conditions…

    Delivery within 21 days Electric Blower Vacuum
    £44.99 Was £49.99
  5. Quicker Picker

    Quicker Picker

    …need for a ladder. Made from powder coated galvanised steel, with a cotton bag large enough to hold around a kilo of fruit, you can use it on its own or attach it to a standard 2.5cm broom or telescopic handle (not…

    Delivery within 7 days Picker
  6. Cobra Petrol 26cc Blower/Vac Save 3%

    Cobra Petrol 26cc Blower/Vac

    …bag.Cobra BV26C with Blow to Vac system - The lightweight Cobra BV26C petrol Blower/Vac has been designed to make clearing your garden a simple and effortless task. You can convert from collect to blow in an instant…

    Delivery within 21 days Petrol 26cc Blower/Vac
    £134.99 Was £139.99
Showing 6 product(s)