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Garlic Chives

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  1. Garlic Chives Seeds

    Garlic Chives Seeds

    The 'easy-grow' way to garlic flavour! A taller, broader leaved type of chives with a mild garlic taste. For salads or cooking. HP - Hardy perennial. Height 30cm (12").

    Average Seeds 90
  2. Onion Seeds - Hiball F1

    Onion Seeds - Hiball F1

    A first class type for sowing mid/late August to produce early crops in June/July the following year. A crisp, juicy onion of excellent flavour with a mild bite, Hiball exhibits good winter hardiness and the bulbs store well. …

    Average Seeds 70
  3. Onion Seeds - Exhibition

    Onion Seeds - Exhibition

    Aptly named, this is the best onion for showing for many a while! Whether you are a serious exhibitor or just someone who wants to take a crack at the village show, its worth giving this one a try. Like our existing variety, Globo…

    Average Seeds 115
  4. Onion Seeds - Zebrune

    Onion Seeds - Zebrune

    Is it an onion - is it a shallot? Well, technically Zebrune is an onion, but it has the milder, sweeter taste we associate with shallots. Often called banana shallots in the cookbooks, this type is currently much in favour with TV…

    Average Seeds 200
  5. Onion (Bulb) Seeds - Red Pearl F1

    Onion (Bulb) Seeds - Red Pearl F1

    A first-rate onion with strong red external colour and pearl-like, white flesh. Excellent flavour, good storage ability - unusual in red onions - and good tolerance to Mildew. Maturing time approximately 24 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 220
  6. Onion (Spring) Seeds - Guardsman

    Onion (Spring) Seeds - Guardsman

    A very vigorous development of salad onions. British bred, Guardsman produces straight pencil-like stems with a mild taste. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Maturing time approximately 10 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 400
  7. Onion (Bulb) Seeds - Red Baron

    Onion (Bulb) Seeds - Red Baron

    A flavoursome maincrop, thin necked semi-globe to globe shaped, deep red onion. Very good for over-winter storage. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Maturing time approximately 24 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 330
Showing 7 product(s)