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Hardy Annual Seeds

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  1. Rudbeckia Seeds - Rustic Dwarfs

    Rudbeckia Seeds - Rustic Dwarfs

    This well known, popular variety has been around a while now, but it is certainly standing the test of time. Large single or semi-double blooms in a host of autumnal shades. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 50-60cm (20-24").…

    Average Seeds 430
  2. Cosmos Seeds - Sonata Mixed

    Cosmos Seeds - Sonata Mixed

    …larger borders at an economical price. Large flowers are well held above attractive finely cut foliage. Whats more they make great cut flowers too. Sow indoors and plant out for early flowering or sow direct outdoors in…

    Average Seeds 90
    From £2.49
  3. Petunia Seeds - Carpet Mixed F1

    Petunia Seeds - Carpet Mixed F1

    …habit, excellent for ground cover. Many bright colours. Height 20-25cm (8-10"). HHA - Half-hardy annual. Multiflora variety.We recommend the excellent 'Carpet' series and unlike many in the seed trade offer…

    Average Seeds 120
    From £2.99
  4. Night-Scented Phlox Seeds

    Night-Scented Phlox Seeds

    …addition to the garden with its late evening fragrance worth staying up for! They even make the butterflies and bees into party goers! Why not try growing instead of Night Scented Stock or maybe in combination with it on…

    Average Seeds 200
  5. Mesembryanthemum Seeds - Criniflorum

    Mesembryanthemum Seeds - Criniflorum

    …for sheer brilliance of colour in dry and sunny positions! The little plants have swollen, succulent stems that absorb water to help them through dry periods and the flowers open with the sun. Lovely shades of pink,…

    Average Seeds 1650
  6. Ipomoea Seeds - Heavenly Blue

    Ipomoea Seeds - Heavenly Blue

    …causes us such trouble in the garden. These ipomoea are annual types, so you are not plagued with those creeping roots for evermore! These are climbers, ideal for a sunny wall or fence or in the conservatory. RHS…

    Average Seeds 30
  7. Sweet Pea Seeds - Fragrant Skies

    Sweet Pea Seeds - Fragrant Skies

    …flowered sweet pea deliciously fragrant in shades of blue mixture blooms. Recommended for exhibition. Height 1.8m (6'). Easy to grow. HA - Hardy annual. Tall growing variety - supports will be required in the…

    Average Seeds 22
  8. Sunflower Seeds - Tall Single

    Sunflower Seeds - Tall Single

    …the years, so much that you would think every garden in the UK is sprouting sunflowers. A very tall sunflower with enormous golden-yellow flowers. Great fun for children. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 210-240cm (7-8'…

    Average Seeds 55
  9. Rudbeckia Seeds - Cappuccino

    Rudbeckia Seeds - Cappuccino

    Some plants really have the 'wow' factor and this is one of them! Huge flowers of golden yellow with a burnt orange centre to the petals. Well branched, heat and drought tolerant plants. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 45-50cm…

    Average Seeds 70
  10. Begonia Seeds - Spacemaster Mix

    Begonia Seeds - Spacemaster Mix

    …The large, spreading plants make it an economical way to fill a border, with 40% less plants required than normal size begonias. Super in hanging baskets and containers too. The green foliage turns bronze towards autumn.…

    Average pellets 50
  11. Penstemon Seeds - Sensation Mixed

    Penstemon Seeds - Sensation Mixed

    …penstemon flowers continuously until the first frosts and well overwinter in sheltered locations. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 60cm (2'). HHA/HHP - Half hardy annual/ Half hardy perennial.…

    Average Seeds 700
  12. Alyssum Seeds - Carpet of Snow

    Alyssum Seeds - Carpet of Snow

    …smothered in intensely fragrant, small, cross-shaped blooms. Superb with blue Crystal Palace lobelia. Easy to grow. HA/HHA - Hardy annual/Half hardy annual. Height 10cm (4). Do you like fragrance in…

    Average Seeds 1250
  13. Sunflower Seeds - Shock-O-Lat F1

    Sunflower Seeds - Shock-O-Lat F1

    …large heads of flower in a fiery reddish-bronze with yellow tips and a dark brown centre. The rich green foliage contrasts well with the dramatic purplish stems. Height 2m (6'). HA - Hardy annual. N.B. Average Seeds 22

  14. Sunflower Seeds - Cutting Mixed

    Sunflower Seeds - Cutting Mixed

    …do make very effective cut flowers with the range of colours and flower forms available. We have also selected varieties with long stems for cutting. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 120-140cm (4-4'). Easy to grow. HA -…

    Average Seeds 45
  15. Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    …plant is the ideal foil for larger-flowered items, and a good hardy alternative to trailing lobelia, with a cascading/trailing growth habit and masses of mauvish-blue flowers all summer. Height 15cm (6). Supplied as…

    20 Pellets
  16. Sunflower Seeds - Big Smile

    Sunflower Seeds - Big Smile

    …little as 60 days, this attractive dwarf variety is ideal for pots and border growing. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Grown in a pot the height is liable to be around 38cm (15"); in the garden up to 60cm (24"). Easy to grow.…

    Average Seeds 25
  17. Larkspur Seeds - Hyacinth-Flowered Mixed

    Larkspur Seeds - Hyacinth-Flowered Mixed

    …large hyacinths. Superb plants for the garden and another must if you are growing cut flowers for summer weddings. A stunning easy to grow annual that also makes a splendid cut flower. RHS Perfect For Pollinators.…

    Average Seeds 340
  18. Dill Seeds

    Dill Seeds

    Use the leave for soups, stews and sauces and the seeds for pickles, cheese spreads and salad dressing. An aid to indigestion. HA - Hardy annual. Height 60-90cm (2-3').

    Average Seeds 450
  19. Coriander Seeds

    Coriander Seeds

    The seeds have a pleasant taste and are used in pickles, sauces, confectionery, poultry stuffing and apple pie. In herbalism used to settle stomach ailments. Hardy annual. Height 60-75cm (2-2').

    Average Seeds 70
  20. Cobaea Scandens Seeds

    Cobaea Scandens Seeds

    A fast growing climber with large, bell-shaped, violet-blue flowers. Under glass, the plant is perennial. For outdoor use, treat as a half hardy annual. HHP - Half hardy perennial. Height up to 300cm (10').…

    13 Seeds
  21. Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    The beautiful and iconic Field Poppy is much in demand at the moment - 100 years since the start of the 1st World War. This short-lived perennial will seed itself to provide displays from year to year. Height 30-60cm (12-24…

    Average Seeds 2800
  22. Poppy Seeds - Ladybird

    Poppy Seeds - Ladybird

    A distinctive low-growing poppy with vibrant 'fire-engine' red flowers marked with a conspicuous black spot on each petal. Ideal as a rock garden or alpine plant as well as for borders. Height 40cm (16"). RHS Award of Garden Merit…

    Average Seeds 950
  23. Coriander Seeds - Lemon

    Coriander Seeds - Lemon

    Lemon fragrance and flavour, delicious as a garnish in salads, or in stir-fries. Easy to grow over a long season, even in a pot on the windowsill. Sow March-September. HA - Hardy annual.

    Average Seeds 100
  24. Calibrachoa Seeds - Kabloom

    Calibrachoa Seeds - Kabloom

    …dead heading. Height20cm (8). Supplied as pelleted seeds for easy sowing. Perfect for use in hanging baskets and containers, it spreads/trails to approximately 50-75cm (20-30"). Flowers late June-September. Half…

    Average Seeds 25
  25. Sunflower Seeds - Titan

    Sunflower Seeds - Titan

    …[2'] in diameter). You will need a sunny, sheltered site for best results. Produces edible seeds in abundance and is a great way to help wildlife as it is a great source of food for the birds once the flower goes to…

    20 Seeds
  26. Cosmos Seeds - Capriola

    Cosmos Seeds - Capriola

    …new colour in this popular species: white flowers up to 8cm (3) in diameter, with light red picotee and dark red centres. Ideal for borders or containers, it blooms all summer. Try it with blue ageratum or in cut flower…

    Average Seeds 65
  27. Limnanthes Seeds - Douglasii

    Limnanthes Seeds - Douglasii

    …These colourful little yellow flowers with white tips to the petals resemble poached eggs hence the name! Flowers in just 7 weeks from sowing. You cannot get easier to grow than this little fella! RHS Award of Garden…

    Average Seeds 110
  28. Coriander Seeds - Confetti

    Coriander Seeds - Confetti

    …can be grown as a cut-&-come-again leaf salad or a mature plant. Sow monthly for a continuous supply; crop into the winter with cloche protection. HA - Hardy annual.Simon says: "Not as strong or pungent as…

    Average Seeds 150
  29. Cat Grass Seeds

    Cat Grass Seeds

    …they do! Be it for vitamins, fibre, to assist in fur ball elimination or whether its just a craving, they adore chewing on the young shoots. Easy to grow in a tray indoors you can be sure your cat is eating clean, chemical…

    Average Seeds 700
  30. Cosmos Seeds - Xanthos

    Cosmos Seeds - Xanthos

    …all summer, is ideal for borders or containers, and makes a lovely cut flower too. A well deserved Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner! Height 60cm (2). HHA - Half hardy annual. Colour: Sunning soft yellow with…

    Average Seeds 65
  31. Sunflower Seeds - Giraffe

    Sunflower Seeds - Giraffe

    …- and why not try and go beyond" Flowers July-September. HA - Hardy annual.Easy to grow and a real favourite with children. Flowers like very large daisies with brightly coloured petals. Pollen-free varieties are…

    15 seeds
  32. Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    …baskets with your old favourites, scatter a few seeds beneath the plants around the edge and they will grow up and trail to give a colour boost later in the summer when other plants start to look tired. Flowers June…

    Average Seeds 25
  33. Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    …ones meaning there is no need to dead-head. Whats more its British bred to suit our conditions. Try edging with lobelia Cambridge Blue for a subtle companion, or growing with marigold Zenith Yellow for a real colour…

    Average Seeds 35
  34. Basil Seeds - Gecofure

    Basil Seeds - Gecofure

    A compact form which is ideal for container growing and will produce a good supply of spicy, aromatic basil leaves. HHA - Half-hardy annual.

    Average Seeds 400
  35. Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Tall, graceful plants with large, white, tubular flowers. Utter perfumed bliss on a summer evening around the patio. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 75cm (2'). HHA - Half-hardy annual. (Affinis - Sweet-scented Tobacco).

    Average Seeds 1700
  36. Portulaca Seeds - Tapas

    Portulaca Seeds - Tapas

    Exotic-looking plants with succulent, light green leaves and large double and semi-double flowers in a range of intense colours. The creeping plants make superb ground cover. Height 15cm (6"). HHA - Half-hardy annual.

    Average Seeds 950
  37. Nemesia Seeds - Carnival

    Nemesia Seeds - Carnival

    Extra large flowers of bronze, scarlet, crimson, cerise, rose-pink, orange, primrose and white. Height 23-30cm (9-12"). HHA - Half-hardy annual. You will get vibrant colours from these popular bedding plants in sun or semi…

    Average Seeds 850
  38. Geranium Seeds - Starstruck

    Geranium Seeds - Starstruck

    An ivy leaved cascading/trailing variety from seed. Single flowers in many colours, reminiscent of those lovely trailing types seen on trips abroad. Masses of flowers over a long period. HHA/HHP - Half-hardy annual/Half…

    10 seeds
  39. Marjoram Seeds - Sweet

    Marjoram Seeds - Sweet

    Delicious in stews or soups and with egg, beef, lamb and pork dishes giving a spicy flavour. Half-hardy annual. Height 25-30cm (10-12").Simon says: "Strong in flavour but amazing with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and summer…

    Average Seeds 1500
  40. Alyssum Seeds - Wandering Star

    Alyssum Seeds - Wandering Star

    …fragrant. An ideal component for baskets and tubs for ground cover or to pep up a summer rockery. Height 30cm (12"). Easy to grow. HA/HHA - Hardy annual/Half hardy annual. Do you like fragrance in the…

    Average Seeds 220
  41. Viola Seeds - Funny Face

    Viola Seeds - Funny Face

    …resembgling little faces. Colours include violet-purple, mauve, lavender-blue, lilac-pink, bronze and creamy-white, combined with yellow or golden centres. Height 15-20cm (6-8"). HHA, HB or HP - Half hardy annual…

    Average Seeds 200
  42. Stock Seeds - Earlybird Mixed

    Stock Seeds - Earlybird Mixed

    …re-selected 'Excelsior' type producing long stems of fragrant flowers 70% of which will have double flowers (remainder single flowered). Up to 13 colours possible. A really fragrant cut flower. RHS Perfect For Pollinators.…

    Average Seeds 200
  43. Agastache Seeds - Liquorice Blue

    Agastache Seeds - Liquorice Blue

    A real must to attract the butterflies and bees! Plangts have attractive flower spikes, ideal for garden display or cutting and the added benefit of liquorice scented foliage. Will grow in the poorest of soils. Height 60-75cm (24…

    Average seeds 90
  44. Gazania Seeds - Promise Mixed

    Gazania Seeds - Promise Mixed

    …Excellent strain of large flowered blooms in bright shades including plain flowers and bi-colours on dark, glossy green foliage. Exotic looking blooms that open with the sun. Drought resistant plants, so ideal for a dry,…

    Average Seeds 35
  45. Gazania Seeds - Talent Mixed

    Gazania Seeds - Talent Mixed

    …foliage, which is lovely even when the plants are not in flower. So the large flowers in many colour shades are an added bonus! Exotic looking blooms that open with the sun. Drought resistant plants, so ideal for a dry,…

    Average Seeds 25
  46. Lobelia Seeds - Crystal Palace

    Lobelia Seeds - Crystal Palace

    Deep blue flowers on bronzy-green foliage. A lovely edging for yellow marigolds. Essential multi-use plants for the summer garden. Ideal for borders, baskets and tubs. Height 15cm (6"). HHA - Half-hardy annual (Bedding).

    Average Seeds 650
  47. Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Toby says: "A native South African plant bearing glistening white, daisy-like flowers. The robust, drought-tolerant plants are ideal for borders, rockeries and dry stone walls." Flowers June-September. Height 30cm (12"). HA - Average Seeds 85

  48. Lavatera Seeds - Beauty Mixed

    Lavatera Seeds - Beauty Mixed

    A real stunner and so easy to grow. Stunning large flowers of rose, pink and white. A very economical way of filling a large border. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 60-75cm (2-2'). HA - Hardy annual.

    Average Seeds 130
  49. Sweet Pea Seeds - Capricorn

    Sweet Pea Seeds - Capricorn

    …of numbers of flowers and delicious, distinctive perfume. Capricorn has the widest colour range of this type currently available, with long flower stems ideal for cutting for use in vases and bouquets. HHA/HA - Half Average Seeds 30

  50. Sweet Pea Seeds - Cupani

    Sweet Pea Seeds - Cupani

    …is still extremely popular. Why? Well mostly because this lovely sweet pea, with its charming, small, crimson/purple bicoloured flowers is so highly fragrant. Plants bear 2-3 flowers per stem. Scent Key 2 - (medium scent)…

    Average Seeds 30
  51. Salvia Splendens Seeds - Firecracker Save 22%

    Salvia Splendens Seeds - Firecracker

    A real favourite with gardeners who like their bedding schemes. Bright scarlet flower spikes on dark leaved, compact plants. Long flowering period. Looks really good grown with blue ageratum. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Flowers…

    Average Seeds 200 - Twin Pack
    From £4.19 Was £5.38
  52. Zinnia Seeds - Faberge Mixed

    Zinnia Seeds - Faberge Mixed

    …those unique pin-cushion like blooms. Want a bonus? Well if you love your wildlife, you probably wont be able to get near the plants for butterflies on the flowers in the summer!" RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Flowers July…

    Average Seeds 90
  53. Brachyscome Seeds - Bravo Mixed

    Brachyscome Seeds - Bravo Mixed

    …from Australia, this lovely annual, with its daisy-like flowers, becomes a feast of colour in the summer months. Flowers in shades of purple and blue together with white are produced in profusion. For pots, baskets…

    Average Seeds 90
  54. Lobelia Seeds - Cambridge Blue

    Lobelia Seeds - Cambridge Blue

    The soft azure-blue flowers provide a wonderful foil for begonias and other flowers with strong colours. Beautiful with red salvias. Essential multi-use plants for the summer garden. Ideal for borders, baskets and tubs. Height…

    Average Pellets 650
  55. Wallflower Seeds - Lollipop Mixed

    Wallflower Seeds - Lollipop Mixed

    …to flower the following June-July. Either way you get well branched little plants with a wide range of contrasting flower colours. Why not try a May sowing to have late summer colour in the garden when the bedding plants…

    Average Seeds 300
  56. Candytuft Seeds - Candycane Mixed

    Candytuft Seeds - Candycane Mixed

    …candytuft mixtures have regressed to being almost lilac and white through lack of selection, Candycane however has been re-selected to bring back all the old interesting colours including deep rose, purple and pink. An…

    Average Seeds 180
  57. Aster Seeds - Milady Mixed

    Aster Seeds - Milady Mixed

    An aster that thinks it's a chrysanthemum! Beautiful incurved, double 'chrysanth-like' flowers on compact, bushy plants. A real quality aster in a host of colours, suitable for containers or bedding. HHA - Half hardy Average Seeds 180

  58. Salvia splendens Seeds - Firecracker

    Salvia splendens Seeds - Firecracker

    A real favourite with gardeners who like their bedding schemes. Bright scarlet flower spikes on dark leaved, compact plants. Long flowering period. Looks really good grown with blue ageratum. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Flowers…

    Average Seeds 100
  59. Zinnia Seeds - Raspberry Lemonade

    Zinnia Seeds - Raspberry Lemonade

    …summer. Try adding a few unopened flower buds to the vase with the flowers, they really complement each other, as does the foliage. They really are a great cut flower, and this mix will give you several colours to play…

    Average Seeds 25
  60. Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Mixed

    Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Mixed

    …and perfect for smaller gardens. Height 23cm (9"). Easy to grow plants that will provide a blaze of colour in borders, tubs and baskets. The perfect way to clothe a dry, sunny border. HA - Hardy annual.

    Average Seeds 30
Showing 60 product(s)