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Hardy Climbing Plants

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  1. Rose Plant - Gardener's Gold

    Rose Plant - Gardener's Gold

    A brand new climbing rose, bearing clusters of bright yellow, semi-double blooms that dont fade, which contrast with the most magnificent foliage. Very good disease resistance. All in all a very tough, hardy rose.…

    Despatch from November 2018 1 Bare Root Plant
  2. Clematis Plant - Semu

    Clematis Plant - Semu

    Clematis 'Semu', this vigorous Estonian cultivar with fair blue-violet flowers that is extremely hardy, resilient and exceptionally free-flowering. It belongs to pruning group 3 and pruning to almost ground level is…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 Potted Plant
  3. Clematis Plant - Piilu

    Clematis Plant - Piilu

    …bar. 'Piilu' is a vigorous flowering variety, covering the whole plant, including the lower area of the plants. It is a dwarf variety, so works well in a pot. Originating from a breeder in Estonia, it is Delivery within 14-21 days 1 Potted Plant

  4. Clematis Plant - Sylvia Denny

    Clematis Plant - Sylvia Denny

    Clematis 'Sylvia Denny', a moderately fast growing, dwarf, compact, deciduous, fully hardy, climber with semi-double, pure white flowers and mid-green foliage suitable for containers. The semi double flowers appear early…

    Despatch from August 2019 1 Potted Plant
  5. Campsis radicans Plant - Flamenco

    Campsis radicans Plant - Flamenco

    …woody climber with attractive mid-green pinnate leaves and large showy orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers in late summer and autumn. Despite its tropical appearance, it is hardy, although in cold areas it is best…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 2 Litre Potted Plant
  6. Campis tagliabuana Plant - Jazz Fire

    Campis tagliabuana Plant - Jazz Fire

    …flowering period, this tropical and exotic-looking plant is fully hardy and produces racemes of bright red blooms. Flowers late May-September. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.Transforming bare walls, fences,…

    Despatch from August 2019 3 Litre Potted Plant
  7. Ipomoea Seeds - Heavenly Blue

    Ipomoea Seeds - Heavenly Blue

    Was ever a plant so well named? These vibrant blue trumpet-shaped flowers on a hot summers day are simply enchanting. Climbing. Often wrongly confused with the convolvulus (Bindweed) that causes us such trouble in…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 30
  8. Gourd Seeds - Small-Fruited Mixed

    Gourd Seeds - Small-Fruited Mixed

    Easy to grow trailing plants. Grow them on a trellis or trailing over walls or just as ground cover in the garden to produce a wide range of fruit in different shapes and colours. Fancy some fascinating fruits in many…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 45
  9. Clematis viticella Plant - Dark Eyes

    Clematis viticella Plant - Dark Eyes

    Clematis 'Dark Eyes' is a medium sized, fully hardy, very free flowering, deciduous climber with sumptuous deep purple flowers, with petals that have a lush, velvety appearance. Flowers appear from mid-summer to early…

    Despatch from July 2019 1 Potted Plant
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Showing 9 product(s)