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Hollyhock Seed

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  1. Hollyhock Seeds - Chater's Double Mixed

    Hollyhock Seeds - Chater's Double Mixed

    Impressive spires of large double flowers (occasional single flowered type will appear). Good blend of flower colours. A cottage garden classic! Statuesque plants for the back of the border that flower year after year. Height 180…

    Average Seeds 45
  2. Hollyhock Seeds - Cabaret

    Hollyhock Seeds - Cabaret

    Bring on the Cabaret! Bred by our own group. Large single flowers that have a beauty all of their own. The flowers seem to withstand bad weather better than their double flowered cousins and the plants being shorter are better for…

    Average Seeds 55
  3. Hollyhock Seeds - Queeny Purple

    Hollyhock Seeds - Queeny Purple

    First year flowering, dwarf hollyhocks that are perfect for borders or containers! Queeny purple has won awards in the USA for its fantastic multi-branching habit which allow each small plant to produce dozens of double…

    Average seed fill 50
Showing 3 product(s)