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Houseplant Care

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  1. Indoor Plant Light Care

    Indoor Plant Light Care

    …dark home. Especially if you live in a city, the amount of natural light available in your home might not be enough to keep your houseplants happy. The plant light care is here to help! Designed with a…

    Plant Light
  2. Houseplant Defender & Boost Save 31%

    Houseplant Defender & Boost

    Both Defender & Boost in one parcel. Defender - Ready to use Houseplant Defender has a unique blend of safe physical control surfactants. Used on edible and ornamental plants its unique method gives excellent control…

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  3. Avocado Plant

    Avocado Plant

    …grow your own avocado plant in the UK, and with a little time and care you could even harvest your own avocados! These attractive evergreen plants are grown and loved the world over for their use as a beautiful Despatch from 15/05/2020 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant

  4. John Innes Compost - No. 2

    John Innes Compost - No. 2

    John Innes No.2 Compost is for potting on small plants into larger containers and re-potting established houseplants and vegetables. 25 litre bag.

    25 Litre
  5. House Plants - How to Look After Your Indoor Plants

    House Plants - How to Look After Your Indoor Plants

    …and hanging gardens, and how to grow under glass and plant vertically, with helpful advice and techniques, as well as handy tips for taking care of your new house plants. Grow and display amazing aquatic plants in a…

  6. The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing House Plants

    The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing House Plants

    …the premise that we want to show how to grow the right plant in the right place, we demonstrate the benefits of all common house plants and how to care and curate them in the home.Includes cacti, succulents,…

  7. Orchid Plant - Brassia Summer Dream Save 50%

    Orchid Plant - Brassia Summer Dream

    A striking easy-care orchid, with 3-7 intriguing white, brown and green blooms on one spike! The Spider Monkey Orchid is an unusual and highly desirable houseplant, with narrow petals that make its blooms resemble a spider.…

    1 Potted Plant
    £12.49 Was £24.99
  8. Hardwood Mini Greenhouse

    Hardwood Mini Greenhouse

    …It has two opening front doors, polycarbonate back, two storage shelves and two lifting lids with lid stays with adjustable height settings for carefully controlled ventilation. Flat packed for easy home assembly.…

    Mini Greenhouse
  9. House Plant Feed

    House Plant Feed

    Specially developed for house plants. Traditional balanced liquid plant feed. Contains added seaweed to boost health and vigour. Promotes strong growth and flowering. 200ml.

  10. Animal Faces Planter Duo

    Animal Faces Planter Duo

    The perfect way to bring life to your home or desk. Can be used to hold just about anything within reason, house plants, stationery, makeup brushes, cutlery, paintbrushes - the list is endless. The different faces bring endless…

    Planter Duo
Showing 12 product(s)