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  1. Pepper Chilli Seeds - Joe's Long F1

    Pepper Chilli Seeds - Joe's Long F1

    If Jumbo is the biggest sweet pepper we have seen, then Joe's Long has to be one of the longest chillies. A very productive chilli pepper, producing unusually long, medium-hot chillies up to 20-30cm (8-12") in length. These…

    Delivery within 7 days 10 Seeds
  2. Pepper Plant - Joe's Super Long

    Pepper Plant - Joe's Super Long

    High yields of hot, slender, cayenne-style chillies reaching up to 25cm (10") long. Ripen from a dark bottle-green to red with a strong pungency that is excellent for making hot sauces or for drying to make powders. Rating 15,000…

    Despatch from May 2019 1 x 10cm Potted Plant
  3. Tomato Turbo Elegance Plants Save 19%

    Tomato Turbo Elegance Plants

    …their potential and allow you to get plants off to an early start in spring without paying a fortune on heating your greenhouse.TESTIMONIAL FROM JOE MAIDEN OF KITCHEN GARDEN MAGAZINE - 'The rapid growth and truss…

    Despatch from May 2019 Pack of 3 Potted Plants
    From £11.99 Was £14.97
Showing 3 product(s)