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Jute Netting

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  1. Biodegradable Netting

    Biodegradable Netting

    This robust 100% biodegradable jute netting is perfect for supporting peas and beans and other climbing veg or flowers. And you can just throw it on the compost heap after use! Measures 2m (6'6") x 5m (16'5").

    Jute Netting
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  3. Pea Support Frame Kit

    Pea Support Frame Kit

    Support kit makes 8 x 1.2m stakes and a 1.2m crossbar rod. 20mm woven netting. A long lasting alternative to bamboo, these kits comprise of 1.2m, plastic coated steel tubes, 2m x 20mm bird netting, 6 x pegs and 2m Frame Kit

Showing 3 product(s)