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  1. Lettuce Seeds - Lakeland

    Lettuce Seeds - Lakeland

    British-bred, large, solid and weighty Iceberg lettuce with tightly packed heads. Resistant to Root Aphid and many lettuce diseases. Row length per pack 9m (30'). Sow March-July. Summer crisphead variety. Maturing time…

    Average Seeds 850
  2. Lakeland Gold - 40 Litres Save 5%

    Lakeland Gold - 40 Litres

    A naturally high potash soil conditioner sustainably produced by blending bracken harvested from the Cumbrian Fells with farmyard manure. Composted and allowed to cure over time it is rich in humus, supplies slow release nutrients…

    40 Litre Bag
    £12.34 Was £12.99
  3. Lakeland Slate Paddlestones - Bulk

    Lakeland Slate Paddlestones - Bulk

    These beautiful Lakeland Slate Paddlestones are great for decorating gardens. The larger flakes of slate in blue and purple tones looking stunning in alpine gardens and rockeries plus they help deter weeds on beds and…

    Bulk Bag
Showing 3 product(s)