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Late Seed Potatoes

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  1. Seed Potatoes - Dobies Must Have Collection

    Seed Potatoes - Dobies Must Have Collection

    late summer soils. Second Early.Pentland Javelin - Colour - white. Shape - oval. Easy to grow; eelworm resistance RO1. A popular early variety that is favoured for its tasty, white, waxy-fleshed tubers. New, boil,…

    Despatch from December 2019 5kg (1kg of each variety)
  2. Seed Potatoes - Arran Victory

    Seed Potatoes - Arran Victory

    potato has pure white flesh which goes to yellow once cooked. Being lovely and floury, this means this maincrop potato is perfect to bake, chip, steam, mash and in my opinion makes the BEST roast potatoes<…

    Despatch from December 2019 1kg
  3. Seed  Potatoes - Violetta

    Seed Potatoes - Violetta

    Extremely bright and attractive heritage potatoes, not only are they blue on the outside but they also boast a fantastic blue/purple flesh. With their unique appearance, they have a mild and sweet taste and are great in…

    Despatch from December 2019 1kg
  4. Seed Potatoes - Red Emmalie

    Seed Potatoes - Red Emmalie

    Specialist variety. Extremely bright and attractive tubers, not only are they red on the outside but they also boast a fantastic red flesh. A definite talking point around the table! Ideal for steaming, mashing, roasting and…

    Despatch from December 2019 1 kg
  5. Seed Potatoes - Carlingford 1kg

    Seed Potatoes - Carlingford 1kg

    …performs reliably from late plantings giving good yields of round, smooth-skinned creamy-white fleshed tubers. These boil beautifully bringing that true new potato taste to your meals.Harvest tasty new Delivery within 21 days 1kg Pack

    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 5 product(s)