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Lettuce Plug Plants

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  1. Lettuce Plants - 'All-Sorts' Mix

    Lettuce Plants - 'All-Sorts' Mix

    If you've never grown your own lettuce plants to experience that 'fresh from the garden' taste, try our mixed pack: five superb varieties to provide a range of colours, tastes and leaf types.You don't have to have a…

    22 Value Plugs
  2. Bistro Salad Mix Plants

    Bistro Salad Mix Plants

    …flavour of home-grown bistro salad from your own garden. This reliable mix is perfect for summer dining and can be grown in the open or a container. Contains a mix of the following four varieties: Lambs Lettuce,

    20 Value Plugs
  3. Lettuce Plants - Little Gem

    Lettuce Plants - Little Gem

    …perfect Cos Lettuce - it's quick to mature, dwarf and compact, producing crisp, sweet, medium-sized hearts. Resistant to root aphid. Good under cloches. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Cos Variety.Quick and easy …

    22 Value Plugs
  4. Lettuce Plants - Vailan Winter Gem

    Lettuce Plants - Vailan Winter Gem

    …winter with a steady harvest of yummy Little Gem. Speedy to grow and a firm favourite, Little Gem lettuce is highly nutritious and grows well throughout the winter. With some frost protection, this lettuce

    22 Value Plugs
  5. Lettuce Plants - OutREDgeous

    Lettuce Plants - OutREDgeous

    The first plant to be grown from seed, harvested and eaten in space, Lettuce Outredgeous is so easy to grow that it's out of this world! We've been struggling not to burst with excitement over this lettuce

    22 Value Plugs
  6. Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

    Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

    If you've never grown your own lettuce plants to experience that 'fresh from the garden' taste, try our mixed pack. A mixture of varieties to provide a range of colours, tastes and leaf types for your salad bowl. A…

    Average Seeds 1400
  7. Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - May King

    Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - May King

    Mid-green, slightly tinged with red. Early and hardy, ideal for frame, cold greenhouse and outdoor use.

    Average Packet Content 380 seeds
  8. Lettuce Seeds - All-The-Year-Round

    Lettuce Seeds - All-The-Year-Round

    …10-14 weeks from sowing. Develops large well-folded heads and succulent creamy-yellow hearts.Rob says: Lettuce All the Year Round - Reliable, tasty and great to sow every few weeks during the spring-autumn, giving a…

    Average Seeds 1300
  9. Lettuce Seeds - Red Iceberg

    Lettuce Seeds - Red Iceberg

    Bright colour for the salad bowl from this recently introduced green/red Iceberg lettuce, whose crisp, sweet, tightly wrapped heads stand well without bolting. Sow MarchJune.

    Average Seeds 200
  10. Lettuce Seeds - Drunken Woman

    Lettuce Seeds - Drunken Woman

    …drinks, may suffer from flushed red cheeks. That is exactly why this loose leaved lettuce has the name of Drunken Woman. The 20cm (8), mint green plants have red flushed leaves, yet unlike a true drunken…

    Average Seeds 150
  11. Lettuce Seeds - Tom Thumb

    Lettuce Seeds - Tom Thumb

    …Develops large well-folded heads and succulent creamy-yellow hearts.Rob says: "Lettuce Tom Thumb - Small, fast and tasty. These lettuces are great to sow in-between crops, or for smaller households as they…

    Average Seeds 1400
  12. Lettuce Seeds - Crisp Mint Romaine

    Lettuce Seeds - Crisp Mint Romaine

    This lettuce is one of the prettiest romaine style ones you can get. It forms compact, stately plants which are great for any salad. Crisp Mint, so called because of the colour of its leaves, can be cut even in hot…

    Average Seeds 500
  13. Basil Seeds - Lettuce Leaf

    Basil Seeds - Lettuce Leaf

    Rob says: This basil has been around since the late 1800s. Its got the biggest leaf of any basil variety, 15cm (6) long on a 45cm (18) plant, theyre slightly frilly on the edges with a sweet and spicy flavour. The flowers…

    Average Seeds 300
  14. Lettuce Seeds - Buttercrunch

    Lettuce Seeds - Buttercrunch

    As the name implies, a butterhead type with a degree of crispness to the leaves. Small dark green heads with a central heart of creamy yellow. Keeps well. Sow March-July. Row 15m (50'). Summer butterhead variety. Maturing time…

    Average Seeds 1550
  15. Corn Salad Seeds - Large Leaved

    Corn Salad Seeds - Large Leaved

    An easily grown salad item for use in summer, autumn and into the winter. Use as a 'baby' leaf or pick leaves off the plants as required. A useful lettuce-like salad, very popular in Europe. Pull the leaves as required, as…

    Average Seeds 480
  16. Pistia stratiotes Plants

    Pistia stratiotes Plants

    …lettuce-shaped leaves are soft & hairy. This plant spreads by sending out runners to form young plants. The fine roots give good cover for small fish. Pistia are not hardy and do best placed in sheltered…

    Pack of 5
  17. Lettuce Seeds - Lakeland

    Lettuce Seeds - Lakeland

    British-bred, large, solid and weighty Iceberg lettuce with tightly packed heads. Resistant to Root Aphid and many lettuce diseases. Row length per pack 9m (30'). Sow March-July. Summer crisphead variety. Maturing…

    Average Seeds 850
  18. Hoof & Horn - 3.5kg

    Hoof & Horn - 3.5kg

    …very slowly over a period of 8-10 months. This is a high nitrogen feed for plants that produce large amounts of leaves. Ideal for leafy vegetables, corn and slow-growing crops. Applied to fertilisation of cabbage, …

    3.5kg Box
  19. Lettuce Seeds - Lollo Rossa

    Lettuce Seeds - Lollo Rossa

    An attractive reddish-brown type with a light green centre. The crisp frilly leaves form a loose ball-shaped head. Adds colour, interest, and a tangy taste to the salad bowl. Sow late March-early August. Row 15m (50'). RHS Award…

    Average Seeds 1100
  20. Lettuce Seeds - Robinson

    Lettuce Seeds - Robinson

    A crisp, green lettuce with a vigorous root system which makes it ideal for organic growing. This, together with good pest/disease resistance make it reliable in a wide range of conditions. Summer crisphead variety. Row 15m…

    Average Seeds 200
  21. Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Relay

    Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Relay

    Batavia lettuces are highly valued for their flavour, texture and drought resistance. They have the crispness of the iceberg with the open growth habit of the butterhead. Fast-growing, it has succulent brilliant red leaves…

    Average Packet Content 240 seeds
  22. Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Little Gem

    Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Little Gem

    A quick maturing semi-cos lettuce. The crisp leaves have a delicious sweet flavour. Sow in the open in spring and summer and in the early autumn for winter use under cloches. Compact plants can be spaced 15cm apart.…

    Average Packet Content 440 seeds
  23. Lettuce Seeds - Fat Lazy Blonde

    Lettuce Seeds - Fat Lazy Blonde

    A great old French butterhead style lettuce, with a peculiar name. Nothing to do with a person, the name is actually describing the traits of the plant. This variety forms 'fat' 18-25cm (7-10") heads which are slow …

    Average Seeds 150
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