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  1. Apple Tree - Lord Lambourne

    Apple Tree - Lord Lambourne

    Once assessed by 'Gardening from Which?' as the best all-round British garden apple, this is indeed a superb mid-season variety. The crisp, firm fruits are bursting with sweet juice! Ready to pick from September, they will keep…

    Despatch from January 2019 1 Bare Root Tree
  2. Nectarine Tree - Lord Napier

    Nectarine Tree - Lord Napier

    Large mouth-watering fruit, full of juice, white flesh with a crimson-flushed skin. Reliable and prolific, excellent outdoor variety for the British climate. Self-fertile.For planting and growing advice read our apricots-peach…

    Despatch from January 2019 1 Bare Root Tree
  3. Anemone Bulbs - Lord Lieutenant

    Anemone Bulbs - Lord Lieutenant

    Striking blue flowers during July-September. Height 20-30cm (8-12"). Ideal for front of the border. (Please note: We are not normally able to accept orders for bulbs after mid April.)Why not create a whole border full of summber…

    Delivery within 7 days 20 Corms
  4. Anemone Bulbs - Twin Pack Save 16%

    Anemone Bulbs - Twin Pack

    Twin pack contains 40 bulbs (20 of each variety): Lord Lieutenant - striking blue flowers during July-September and Mount Everest - gorgeous white flowers in May. Height 20-30cm (8-12"). Front of border varieties. (Please…

    Delivery within 7 days 40 Bulbs (20 of each variety)
    £9.99 Was £11.98
    More Info Currently Unavailable
  5. Dahlia Tubers - Kelvin Floodlight

    Dahlia Tubers - Kelvin Floodlight

    It's well known that Lord Kelvin gave his name to the Kelvin thermometer scale - but it's less well known that he also gave his name to this beauty! With huge 'dinner-plate' yellow flowers, the aptly named 'Floodlight' will…

    Despatch from 11/02/2019 2 Tubers
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 5 product(s)