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  1. Mahonia aquifolium Plant

    Mahonia aquifolium Plant

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
  2. Bare Root Shrub Collection Save 44%

    Bare Root Shrub Collection

    …this collection combines 10 of our favourite varieties. Youll receive 10 varieties including acer palmatum, berberis, cornus, deutzia, forsythia, mahonia, philadelphus, potentilla, ribes, weigela, filling your beds…

    Despatch from 04/02/2020 10 Bare Root Shrubs
    £25.00 Was £44.90
  3. Mahonia aquifolium Plant - Apollo

    Mahonia aquifolium Plant - Apollo

    A vigourous, low growing shrub, Mahonia Apollo is an attractive ground covering plant ideal for a shady area. Clusters of vibrant yellow flowers emerge in spring followed by dark blue, almost black berries. The glossy green…

    3 Litre Potted Plant
Showing 4 product(s)