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Mangetout Seeds

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  1. Pea (Mangetout) Seeds - Spring Blush

    Pea (Mangetout) Seeds - Spring Blush

    A unique, tall-growing, high yielding pea with attractive bi-coloured purple/pink blooms and lots of rose blushed and pure green pods. Can be picked as mangetout or snap pods. Plants also produce loads of hyper-tendrils…

    Average Seeds 175
  2. Pea Seeds - Oregon Sugar Pod

    Pea Seeds - Oregon Sugar Pod

    A delicious 'Mangetout' Sugar Pea with long, fleshy, slightly curved pods. Gather while young and cook them whole. This variety has been trialled, tested and recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.…

    Average Seeds 260
  3. Pea (Organic) Seeds - Norli Sugar Pea

    Pea (Organic) Seeds - Norli Sugar Pea

    Small deep green pods with delicious flavour, best picked when 5cm long. The true French green mangetout. Resistant to fusarium wilt.

    Average Packet Content 200 seeds
  4. Pea Plants - Blauwschokker

    Pea Plants - Blauwschokker

    This amazingly ornamental variety, with its lovely purple flowers and dark purple seed pods, would look equally at home in a flower border! Eat them young as mangetout, or leave them to mature and shell them like…

    12 Garden Ready Plugs
  5. Pea (Sugar Pod) Seeds - Shiraz

    Pea (Sugar Pod) Seeds - Shiraz

    A burgundy mangetout with a savoury, chestnutty taste. Best eaten raw to keep their colour. Pretty bicoloured flowers and flat purple pods that are best picked young and eaten raw, steamed or stir-fried. Good resistance to…

    Average Seeds 200
  6. Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    …borders - the beautiful purple flowers can rival any sweet pea. But the real beauty of Blaushokker is the seed pods - they are dark purple in colour, so youll never miss a pod again! Can be eaten young as Average Seeds 100

Showing 6 product(s)