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  1. Seed Potatoes - McCain Royal

    Seed Potatoes - McCain Royal

    Another in the McCain range. Produces a very tall, strong plant. Yellow skin and a light yellow coloured flesh. Royal is an all-rounder, making delicious golden chips, crispy roasts and fluffy mashed potatoes. Ideal for…

  2. Seed Potatoes - McCain Premiere

    Seed Potatoes - McCain Premiere

    One of the McCain Range we have introduced this year. Premiere has been selected for its great taste and ability to make delicious and crispy French Fries. Ideal for bake, mash, jacket, roast, chips. First Early variety.We…

  3. Seed Potatoes - McCain Shepody

    Seed Potatoes - McCain Shepody

    Potatoes are long and oval in shape with a cream skin and cream flesh. Good resistance to common scab and blackleg. All-rounder from potato gratin to roast potatoes. Ideal for bake, mash, jacket, roast, chips. Early Maincrop…

Showing 3 product(s)