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Mixed Veg Plants

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  1. Winter Cropping Veg Mix

    Winter Cropping Veg Mix

    …give you tasty leaves within weeks or can be left to produce larger leaves and stems which can be braised or steamed like asparagus. Perfect to serve with fried garlic and cubed potatoes for a light and tasty meal. Mix<…

    22 Value Plugs
  2. Garden Ridger

    Garden Ridger

    …on the continent, but remains so far largely undiscovered in the UK. Invaluable in the veg garden for creating furrows for sowing and planting, earthing up, as well as for turning over the soil and mixing<…

  3. Autumn Cropping Oriental Veg Mix Plants

    Autumn Cropping Oriental Veg Mix Plants

    Perfect to plant in the spaces created by your summer cropping veg, why not keep your outdoor space filled with our autumn cropping Oriental Veg Mix. Mix includes 11 value plugs each of Spicy…

    22 Value Plugs
  4. Club Root Plants - Collection

    Club Root Plants - Collection

    …of veg! This selection of clubroot resistant brassicas means you can finally grow with confidence if your garden suffers from club root. Weve carefully selected a great collection for gardeners who don't have much…

    22 Value Plugs
  5. Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Mixed

    Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Mixed

    An unusual and fascinating carrot mixture, producing delicious roots in an array of shades - even the fussiest of kids may be tempted by the look of it! Row 2m (6'). 90 days from sowing to harvest to help with your selection (this…

    Average Seeds 500
    More Info Currently Unavailable
  6. Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

    Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

    If you've never grown your own lettuce plants to experience that 'fresh from the garden' taste, try our mixed pack. A mixture of varieties to provide a range of colours, tastes and leaf types for your salad bowl. A…

    Average Seeds 1400
    More Info Currently Unavailable
  7. Marigold (French) Seeds - Defender

    Marigold (French) Seeds - Defender

    Defend' your veggies from numerous pests with this especially selected mix! Plant alongside carrots, broad beans, tomatoes etc. and the punchy smell from the marigold helps to keep the beasties away, helping your…

    Average Seeds 150
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 7 product(s)