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  1. Monarda Plant - Bubblegum Blast

    Monarda Plant - Bubblegum Blast

    A great solution for the middle of the border, an often awkward spot where plants need to have impact and stature. Plants are two foot tall and the same across, with a boisterous bushy habit and flower cover from July to September…

    1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
  2. Monarda Seeds - Panorama Mixed

    Monarda Seeds - Panorama Mixed

    Commonly known as Bergamot with deliciously scented foliage and uniquely shaped blooms in shades of red and scarlet produced in the second year and for years after. Sow February-May in a coldframe or cold greenhouse, plant out…

    Average Seeds 75
  3. Eco Cleaning Collection

    Eco Cleaning Collection

    A collection of environmentally friendly cleaning products for around the home! Please note: contents may vary.Fresh, natural scents; once you start cleaning you won't be able to stop! Contains no colouring agents, parabens,…

Showing 3 product(s)